Elder Henry L. Raleigh was born September 25, 1895. Deceased this life April 2nd, 1959. Age 63 years, 7
months and 7 days. He was the son of H. K. Raleigh and Louisa Mullins Raleigh and married Florence Coldiron on
the 16th day of June, 1915 by Elder D. M. Maggard, a Regular Baptist minister, and to this union was born five
children: Edith Violet Thornton, an infant; Marvis, James Emil and Hubert Stanley, all still living except the infant.
His faithful and loving wife also preceded him in death August 2, 1937. He is survived by ten grandchildren, one
son-in-law, G. B. Thornton, and two daughters-in-law, Vivian Raleigh and Kay Raleigh. He later married Genora
Mullins on May 7, 1943 by Elder Caleb Creech, and they have been married 15 years, ten months, 25 days and
she has been a faithful and loving wife unto him and has tenderly cared for him through all his sickness and
afflictions. Elder Henry L. Raleigh was baptized into the fellowship of the Poorfork Church on the third Sunday in
August, 1936. Later he took his letter to the Maple Grove Church and began preaching on the fourth Sunday in
September in 1944 and was libertized by the Church to preach on the third Saturday in August, 1946, and was
ordained to preach and to officiate in all the functions of the gospel on the 3rd Saturday in May, 1951 by a
presbytery composed of elders: Riley Fouts, Buddy Caudill, Howard Caudill, James Pratt, John D. Ison, and Dan
Day, and Deacons Troy Engle and Alvaro Hubbard. He filled bond to marry people September 21st, 1951 and
married William Osborne and Kathleen Scott, September 21, 1951, and Doyle Hunsucker and Jean Engle, May 10,
1952, Attended Church work of Maple Grove Church first time third Saturday in October, 1951, stood as Pro-Tem
Moderator for Oven Fork Church 2nd Saturday in October, 1952; Became assistant Moderator of Maple Grove
Church 3rd Saturday of December, 1952, and resigned on the 3rd Saturday in May, 1953 and also got his letter
from the Maple Grove Church and laid it into the Indian Bottom Church on the 1st Saturday in June. He had
Florence, his first wife, raised from the Coldiron Cemetery on Friday before the third Saturday in July, 1953 and
was buried near his hone. Got his letter from Indian Bottom Church on 1st Saturday in December, 1954 and laid it
into the old Orthodox Oven Fork Church on the third Sunday of December, 1954, and was chosen Clerk of this
Church and on the fourth Saturday in July, 1955 ha became assistant Moderator. He was in the baptism of his
mother, Louisa Raleigh, 12th day of October, 1952; also sister Mary Eldridge into the fellowship of the Indian
Bottom Church April 4th, 1953; also Bro. Vollie and sister Anna Mae Mullins, January 29, 1956, and sister Genora
Raleigh, his wife, April 29, 1956, and thus Bro. Henry finished his course and entered into his great reward.

     He was loved by those who knew him. Leaving his children, grandchildren, son-in-law and daughkrs-in-larv, his
two brothers, Edison and Gus, and three living sisters, Nora, Martha and Alva, together with his blessed mother
and sister Genora his broken hearted wife, and a host of relatives and friends to mourn his

     Sister Genora wishes to express her sincere heartfelt appreciation to all who has so kindly come into her
home and spoke comforting words and assisted her in so many ways in our lonely hours, and especially his
daughter Edith Thornton for all she has done through her Daddy's sickness and her brothers Vollie, Lonnie, and her
sister Nola, sister Ola and Milford for all they did through his afflictions, and Delmar and Mabel for the much
needed assistance which they have so freely given, and also sister Anna Mae and Norma, Ann, Doris, Jackie,
Leroy and Clara, all  who loved him so much and he loved them as his own. We feel that our loss is heaven's gain.
But oh! Bro. Henry we miss you so much today. It was his request not to have any flowers.

     By Elder H. D.Caudill.
Elder Henry L. Raleigh