Master Jesus! Let me see my children again," were the last words of my beloved father, Marion M. Francis,
spoke just before he was called home. Meditating on these last words causes me to wonder and rejoice
somew'hat.  Was he wanting to see them again in this world? Or was he asking to see them all around the
Throne of his Master?

    Brother Marion Francis was born the 23rd of January, 1880, near Litt Carr, Ky. He married Arlena F. Collins
on the 23rd of January, 1906. To this union were born 10 children to-wit: OpheliaV. Stewart, Lexington, Ky.,
Audrey M. Turley, Louisville, Ky., Wallace M. Francis, Arcadaia, Calif., Samuel Raymond Francis, deceased,
John F. Francis, Red Fox, Ky., Daphne K. Osolnik, Berea, Ky., William W. Francis, Erma L. Bird, and Paul J.
Francis, Spokane, Wash. Except for Samuel Raymond, these children along with 21 grandchildren, one great
grandchild, and widow to mourn his loss!

    Brother Marion joined the Old Carr Fork Church of the Old Regular Baptist Church of Jesus Christ on
Saturday, July 4th, 1950 and was a faithful member. He loved the old time doctrine just as Jesus taught his
followers, and as He had it recorded in His Holy Writ. Like many Pilgrims who have gone before him, Brother
Marion stood firm for the Old Fashioned Way as it was laid down from the banks of Jordan River to the Washing
of the Brethren's feet. He believed in following his Master Jesus all the way! He was baptized by Elders Henry
Blair and Kernal Sexton.

    This is why I rejoice somewhat when I meditate on his last words! It indicates to me that my father was on
speaking terms with The Son of God, the Only Mediator and Advocate between God and man. In order for one
to look upon the Saviour's face without shame, fear, and doubting, and to ask a favor of him, one must have first
gotten acquainted with him personally through Repentance and a Free Pardon of sin. So then, I rejoice in the
blessed thought that my father had an experimental knowledge of a travel from nature to Grace, the prerequisite
to joining the Old Regular Baptist Church of Jesus Christ. Matt. 3:17, Luke 13:24-30, Rom. 8:13-14, Col. 3:l-15,
and Deuteronomy 30:ll-20, Mark 5:19, and John 13:l-38.

    He was an example in his community and especially to his children to follow him even as he followed Christ.
You children must remember his good words of council. You'll never hear them from him again in this world.
You'll never see his smiling face and joyful tears as he spoke of his Jesus. But you can see him again, if you trust
and obey his Lord and Master Jesus as he so often told you too!

    He deceased the 18th day of December, 1958. The old Church house was crowded for his funeral which was
preached by those he loved, to wit: Elders Alonzo Watts, John Sparkman, and Burton Howard. He was a
member of the Old Church that his father lived in before him. But he loved her most of all because his Master
Jesus was there and is the Head of His church and Shepherd of his people.

                            Written by his son, and brother in Hope of Eternal Life,
                            Elder William W. Francis.
Marion M. Francis