Sarah Watts Maddin was born April 13, 1875 and deceased Jan. 9, 1958, age 82 years 8 months, 27 days.
She leaves to mourn her passing 3 boys: Gobel Maddin, Hagar Maddin, and Linza Maddin and 4 daughters:
Elizabeth Cornett, Minta Bowens, Gladys McKulsky, and Eva Cochrone. Also 23 grandchildren and 28 great
grandchildren. Also a great host of friends and relatives. Also one sister, Matilda Franklin. Her husband
Charles Francis Madden and 3 children have preceded her in death. Two were small infants and one son,
Thee Maddin, was deceased at the age of 29. Her husband deceased this life at the age of 59 years, 2
months, and 4 days. He professed a hope in Christ, at Carr Fork. Sarah Maddin, who was better known as
Aunt Saly, lived for about 30 years after the death of her husband as a widow indeed. She tried to teach her
children and bring them up in the right way and in her latter years she professed a hope in Christ but never
joined herself to any church.

     She was loved by every one that knew her and she met every one with a smile and a kind word. She
would go and help with the sick people and do all that she could for tbem. She greatly loved little children and
would set for hours playing with them and talking to them. She loved a good meeting and greatly enjoyed
talking to the children of God.

     She was afflicted in the last few years of her life. The last one she was unable to talk to her loved ones.
She bore her suffering with patience and never complained about anything. She told us all that she was ready
to go and to meet God in peace.

     It pleased her so much when any one come to see her that she would try so hard to talk to t1hem. You
could see the joy in her face as she would reach her hands to greet you.

     The life that this deceased mother lived here will long be remembered by every one that knew her. She
was a shining light to every mother and daughter in our land and country. God loved her more than we all did
so he blessed her to quietly go to sleep in his arms and took her home with him as we stood by her bedside
dreading to have to part with her so badly but willing for God's will to be done. Now children you have given up
a mother that no one can replace but she is waiting for you around the throne of God if you will only do God's
will and meet her. There is no doubt in my mind but that Aunt Sally and Uncle Charlie are once again united
together to never more be separated but will sing together praises unto God forever more.

                             By Elder Steve Pratt.