Ada Combs Watts was born in 1905 at Pine Top, Kentucky and departed this life December 29, 1965, making
her stay on earth, 60 years.  One son, Robert preceded her in death.

            Ada was united in marriage to Elmine Watts in the year 1922.  Three children were her blessing, for she
loved them so very much.  Her only son was killed in the line of duty in the U.S. Air Force.  A memorial service is
held each year in his remembrance.  There are two daughters, Mrs. Shirley Williams of Leburn, Ky., and Mrs.
Cauton Combs, also of Leburn, Ky:  also their are five grandchildren and a lonely and sad husband to mourn the
one who was such a faithful and loving wife and mother.

    We have known Ada for many years.  She was a real lady, a devoted mother, and an example of true Christian
living in her neighborhood for all the years we can remember.  She never joined any church but from her talk we do
believe her real hope was anchored in Christ, and that she like many others who have not yet come home to the
church, feared not being worthy!  She filled her seat each Sunday and seemed to get so much good from the good
preaching!  Her example is left behind her and her light should be a beacon to her daughters and the husband she
so dearly loved.

    May God grant each of you, who are left to mourn her loss, a home in heaven at last.  She left the life of
pleasure and chose the life of self-denial.  Few are choosing this road today but to meet this beautiful mother and
companion again, you must choose the road that leads to that country she was seeking!  This road can be walked
only if you are "born again"!  May each of you seek and find!

                            Your friends, Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Allen
Ada Combs Watts