Obituary of Brother Isom Tuttle, the son of Rile and Sinthy Thornsbury Tuttle, was born on February 22,
1882, and died July 26, 1965, being 83 years old at the time of his death.  Brother Isom joined the Old Regular
Baptist Church in 1931 and was a faithful member.  He was a man who liked to talk of the Bible.

     He married Susie Slone in January 1908.  To this union were born eight children; three girls and five boys;
one killed in the army in '44; then Soprilla, 4, died in April, 1965.  Brother Isom led a good life for the children and
neighbors to follow, believing he has just left a world of trouble and has met with the Lord in peace.

     Children if you want to see Dad again, make peace with God while this life is spared because the wrath of
God is revealed from heaven against all ungodless an unrighteous of men who hold the truth in unrighteous but
glory, honor and peace to everyone that doeth good.

                             Written by Brother Bert Howard
Isom Tuttle