It's with a sad and aching heart that I write an obituary of my loving wife, Matilda Owens.  She was the
daughter of Andy and Nancy Slone.  She was born February 26, 1988 and died November 21, 1965, making her
stay on earth 67 years, 8 months, and 25 days.

    There were seven children born in our home, one girl and six boys.  One boy at eleven hours old preceded
her in death.  The other children are: Albert Owens of St. Louisville, Ohio; Bazle Owens of Hindman, Ky., John
Owens of Newark, Ohio, Lonie Gayheart of Hindman, Ky., Andy Owens of Plainwell, Michigan and Ray Owens
of Granville, Ohio.  We raised three of our grandchildren, Lenvill Napier of Kokomo, Indiana, Alva Napier of
Hindman, Ky., and Vernie Owens of Garner, Kentucky.

    Matilda joined the Regular Baptist Church in 1954 and lived a faithful life until death.  She was loved by al that
knew her.  It was in November 1953 when she felt that the Lord forgave her of her sins.  I knew she was in
trouble over her sins.  She would get up early to get me off to work, and as soon as I would get started, she
would close the door behind me.  One day in November, I came in for dinner and she was standing at the stove
with her back turned to me.  I always had something to say to her, but on that day something told me not to
speak.  I went over to the sink and started to wash then I heard her crying.  She turned around and pointed down
at the floor and said, "Alva, right there the Lord forgave my sins this morning."  You talk about a happy time, it
was then.  She said that she looked under the door and oh what a bright light she saw.  She heard a voice
behind her saying, "Open the door and look out, the Lord has forgiven your sins."  She said it was the lightest
time that she had ever seen.

            In her sickness, our daughter's-in-law were so good to her.  Oh, I could go telling about the good life
she lived forever.  I believe I will see her again.  Children if you want to see Mother again, you will have to fall out
with sin and serve the living God.

                            Written by a lonesome and broken-hearted husband.

                                    Alva Owens
Matilda Owens