Aunt Minnie Whitaker, as she was known to her many friends and acquaintances was born May 5, 1876 and
passed to her great reward may 18, 1966 making her stay here 90 years and 13 days.

    Early in her young womanhood she met and married Elijah Whitaker and to this union twelve children were
born.  They were: Pearl Whitaker, deceased; Ellen Whitaker Frazier, Hot Spot, Ky.; George Whitaker, Roxana,
Ky.; Lola Whitaker Sheramin, Indiana; Watson Whitaker, Roxana, Ky.; Bee Whitaker, deceased; Suson Whitaker
Raleigh, deceased; Myrtle Whitaker Miller, Winchester, Ky.; Jeff Whitaker, Roxana, Ky.; Steve Whitaker,
Blackey, Ky.; Mary Whitaker, Hot Spot, Ky.; Connie Whitaker who died in infancy.

    She had 37 grandchildren, 46 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren.

    "Uncle Lige" as he was known, went to his reward 21 years ago; but during all these years of lonely
widowhood, Aunt Minnie's children cared for her as tenderly and lovingly as was possible for them to do.

    For the last years, Aunt Minnie was a total invalid but through all her afflictions and suffering she was an
example of patience.

    Twenty-four years ago, Aunt Minnie with "Uncle Lige" were baptized into the fellowship of the Tolson Creek
Church of Regular Baptists, and on that day were blessed to hear their daughter Lola and daughter-in-law Alma
relate their relationship with the Lord and take fellowship in the same church.  Later, she experienced great joy
when her children, George, Watson, and Myrtle and her grandchildren, Hiram Ray and Mary enrolled in the army
of the Lord.

In her passing, her children have given up a wonderful mother.  Her church has lost a faith member, her
community and Letcher County will miss her as a great citizen.

Children, grandchildren, family, neighbors and friends of Aunt Minnie, she cannot come back to you; but as King
David of old said on the death of his little son, "You, by the Grace of God can go to her," where she will no longer
be frail and feeble; but will have put on that body which is fashioned in the likeness of Christ's glorious body.  If
she could speak to us, I believe she would say:

    "Oh, weep not for me, I am anxious to go,
            To that haven of rest where tears never flow.
    I fear not to enter that dark lonely ward;
            For soon shall I rise from the old church yard.
    Yes, soon shall I join that Heavenly band,
            Of glorified Saints at my Savior's right hand.
    Forever to dwell in bright mansions prepared.
            For Saints who shall rise from the church yard."

                                            Howard Caudill
Minnie Whitaker