In much weakness I attempt to write an obituary of this our beloved sister, obedient wife, humble and pious
mother, Tonie Seals.

    On September 6, 1891, at Mallie, Ky., our God sent a flower to Creed Cornett and Julia Craft.  They chose
for her the name of Tonie.  In the beautiful hills of Knott, County, she grew unto womanhood in the home of
Nelson Craft, her stepfather.

    On January 4, 1905 she took by the right hand, Millard Seals, and vowed before God that she would be to
him an obedient, kind and loving wife.

    To this union were born 14 children, three of whom preceded her in death.  Those living to mourn her passing
are:  Nelson of Mansfield, Ohio, Dessie of Redfox, Ky., Luther of Bath, Ky., myrtle of Rt. 1, Hazard, Ky., Grace
Floyd and Lawrence, all of Litt Carr, Ky., mattie, Katherine and Joyce, all of Dayton, Ohio, and Ralph of
Decatur, Illinois.

    In the 1930's, God spoke to Tonie to tell her that all was not well with her, that her soul was unsaved, that
she was lost.  This call harkened to and after much suffering, prayer and supplication, God, after she had laid
everything at his precious feet, heard her pitiful petition and granted her a pardon, bathed her soul in his atoning

    Pop took up fellowship in the Regular Baptist Church, Dec. 25, 1935 and Mom, always wanting to be with
him, in March 1936 at the Mallot Fork Church offered her hand to the church upon the profession of her faith in
Jesus Christ and wanted her membership with the Carrs Fork Church.

    Elder Elam Hale and her eldest son, Nelson, upon the profession of her faith, buried her in a liquid grave to
arise to walk in the newness of life.

    Her life from that good day forward has been a shining light not only to her children but to the world of

    After a while, they received a letter from the Carrs Fork Church and placed it in the New Home Church, then
on the 4th Saturday in August, 1941, she and Pop went in the arm which constitute the Reynolds Fork Church
where her membership was at the time of her passing, always holding fast to the trust she had in God.  A more
humble, kind and consecrated Christian woman I have never known.

    Shortly after the establishing of the Reynolds Fork Church, it had to have officers to wait upon it.  The church
sat apart Pop and Mom to be examined and if found to be orthodox, ordained as Deacon and Deaconess so by
the laying on of hands were found to be worthy and were ordained.  This high and important office they fulfilled
with great joy for 23 years.

    Mom was afflicted for many years but her suffering she bore with great patience until the end, always more
concerned about Pop and the children than she was about herself, holding to the faith and trust she had in God.

    Her suffering became so severe that about 3 p.m., Dec. 6, 1965, the Cistern wheel refused to roll.  A tired
and afflicted heart refused to beat.  And again God called to her this time to say, come away to me my fair one,
leave behind your tired, afflicted and frail body, come away from a world of trouble, heartaches and
disappointments to a world of never ending joy and peace.  So quietly, quickly and peacefully her soul slipped
away to the arms of Jesus leaving behind to mourn:  Pop, her afflicted companion, eleven broken-hearted
children, 74 grandchildren, 62 great-grandchildren, relatives almost innumerable, a host of friends and neighbors,
one sister, Ritter of Mallie, Ky., three brothers, Mayo of Mallie, Ky., Joe of Lexington, Ky., and Johnny of Martin,

    Making her stay in this unfriendly world 74 years and 3 months, a part of the foundation of this community
has been removed.  Pop has lost a part of him as I have never known a more devoted couple, these bereaved
children, you that are unprepared, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, if you ever expect to see her again you
must cry to the dame God Mom cried to, make preparation while living in this world.

    She has told me many times her prayers were that all her children would be saved and that if it could be the
Lord's will she would love to go swiftly, and before Pop did.

    May I refer you to the Psalms of Davie 23:30; 5 and 6 and 34:17, 18 and 19, then listen to the words of the
great poet who wrote:

    I wonder if and when the shadows fall
            On the last short earthly day,
    When we say goodbye to the world outside
            All tired with our childish play
    When we meet the lover of boys and girls
            Who died to save them from sin
    Will we hear him ask as Mother did
            Are all the children in?

    So we sincerely feel and believe that our loss is Heaven's eternal gain.

            Humbly submitted by an unworthy brother in hope.

                            Lewis F. Craft

Tonie Seals