With a sad heart I will try by the help of God, to write a short obituary of my brother , Alamander Caudill.
He was born Dec. 27,1913, and died Dec. 31,1972, making his stay on earth 59 yrs. ,and 4 days. He was the son
of Elder Wesley and Millie Caudill. In early life he met and married Annie Adams. To this union were born 8
children; 5 boys and 3 girls. One son died in infancy, leaving 7 children to mourn his passing. The boys are: Darrel,
Yon, Mose and Lee. The girls are: Carol, Willie Ann, and Betty Jane. He a1 so leaves 15 grandchildren, a loving
father,6 bothers,4 sisters, and a host of brothers and sisters in the church to mourn his passing. Bro. Alamander
joined the Little Family Church of Old Regular Baptist 12 years ago and was baptized by Elder Roy Caudill and
Elder Jim T. Caudill. He later moved to Ky. and took his letter to the Kingdom Come Church and later moved it to
the Happy Home Church. He was a faithful member. He had been in fail ing health for several years but bless God
he is in a country now where no strokes or heart attacks can come. I want to say to Sister Annie, don' t worry
about your husband for it won’t be long till you can meet him in a city where sorrow never comes. Now I want to
say to his children, if you ever want to see Daddy again you will have to make peace with God in this life, fall out
with sin, fall in with the offered mercies of God before it is too late, so may God bless you all, his children to meet
him in a better home than this.

   A precious one from us is gone A voice we loved is stilled A place is empty in our hearts that never can be filled.

                           Written by, Elder Roy Caudill
Alamander Caudill