By the help of the good Lord, I will try to write an obituary of this my friend and brother in the Lord, This is a task
I don't feel worthy of doing, but I trust the Lord will help me.

   Arnold Caudill was born Nov.23,1925,.into the home of Charlie and Judy Ison Caudill His mother passed on
when he was a very small boy, and he was raised by a kind loving step-mother, Mimmy Caudill, whom he loved

   Arnold has been a hard-working person, never shirking his duty in anything. When his country needed him he
answered the call, and he served faithfully and well, being a bold soldier.

   After returning from the service of his country, he married his loving companion, Irene Fields Caudill, who stood
by him so faithfully in all his: undertakings; in sickness and in health; and even in his religious work. To this union
were born three children: Ronney Caudill, Linda Caudill Combs, and Deborah Caudill at home with her mother: This
small family had much happiness, and loved each other so much.

   A few Years ago Bro. Arnold realized he was wasting his life, living in sin; so he looked to the Lord of mercy.
The good Lord heard his cries and saved his never-dying soul. One night after a little service in his home, Bro.
Arnold joined the church, telling a wonderful experience with the Lord. He was baptized, July 6, 1965,Shortly after
joining the church he felt the calling of the ministry, and on October 22,1966, he made his first public offering. He
was to have been ordained into the ministry the 4th of Nov. He was ordained a deacon of the Mt. Olivet church in
February, 1966. This office he served faithfully and well, never being slack in his duty.
Somewhere in the Bible are these words, ' 'A great one has fallen in Israel." So it is with the passing of Bro.
Arnold. The Lord has called home a faithful servant; the Mt. Olivet Church has lost a good minister, deacon,
member, and leader; Sister Irene and the children have lost a kind and loving husband and father; the community
has lost a good citizen and neighbor.

   Bro. Arnold leaves to mourn his passing: his loving wife and children, his aged father and step-mother, two
brothers: Evan and Arville, two sisters: Irene Ison, and Marie Fields, one grandson, John David Combs; and a host
of relatives and friends.

   I'm sure Bro. Arnold would say, "Weep not for me but rather for yourselves and your children"
Even though our hearts are broken in nature, let's try to hold our heads up, and look to the lord for help and
comfort. Even though we are sad the for God has added another lily to his big, beautiful flower garden.  Let’s
comfort  ourselves with the thought that Bro. Arnold is happy today. He has iust paid the debt that we all have to
pay and is enjoying the fruits of his labor, peace and happiness. May the good Lord bless us to meet him again in
that beautiful and blest forever.

                           Written by, Brother GIen Hampton
Arnold Caudill