Arthur Lee Wilson was born into the home of Arthur S.and Willia Hamilton Wilson at Norma, a small community in
Scott County Tennessee, April 19,1918. His soul departed this life April 1,1973,making  his sojourn through this life
54 yrs.11 months and 18 days.

   He leaves to mourn his passing his wife, the former Easther Loaan of near Whitesburg,Ky. Also 3 sons and 1
daughter. The sons are: Robert of Ft. Myers, Florida, Danny in the U.S.Army in Germany and Gary still at home.  
And the daughter Deborah the youngest of the children, is still at home. He also leaves one brother, William E.
Wilson of Indianapolis, Ind., and a sister, Mrs.Dudley Cummins of Harrodsburg, Ky.  He rendered service to his
country and was honorably discharged from the Navy. He also served his fellow man thru being a charter member
of the Florence, Ky. Masonic Lodge No. 949.

   Arthur, Easther and their family were truly faithful to the church during the time I have known them. I remember
well the last service he attended. He had the mast pleasant expression on his face it caused me to feel that he had
drawn near the Throne of' Grace. And, it made us all feel so good when the attending nurse at the Bethesda
Hospital here in Cincinnati told us that Arthur grasped her hand before the angel let down his sicle, and said, "I feel
so peaceful now." The Angel did truly let down his sicle. And, He did reap . And, in so doing so has left us to
mourn, for Arthur will surely be missed, not only by his family but also by a host of friends and relatives. He will be
greatly missed by the Brothers and Sisters and friends at the Little Northern New Home Church that he loved So
well to gather with and talk to.

   Many lonely hours await his loved ones, but I  would remind you that Jesus said that he would be with you in
time of trouble and sorrow. He said, "I’ll never forsake you, I'll never leave you, For lo! I am with yao always even
to the end” I am reminded now of the song we sometimes sing,

   "I came to the spot where the shite Pilgrim lay and pensively stood by the tomb. When in a low whisper I heard
someone say How sweetly I sleep here alone.

   "The tempest may howl and the loud thunder roll.

   And  gathering storms may rise. Yet calm are my feelings, at rest is my soul And the tears are all wiped from
my eyes.

   ''Go tell my companion and children so dear To weep not for me though I am gone. The same hand that led me
thru scenes dark and drear will kindly conduct me home.

He shall not hear bombs fall neither shalt he hear eagles scream. But he shall hear in that morning,"Come now and
inherit the Kingdom that's been prepared. So sleep peacefully  now  till your name be called once more.

                           Elder Ermil R. Ison
Arthur Lee Wilson