I will try to write about the death of our beloved brother, Carlos. Carlos was born Nov. 20,1949 to Kell and Ethel
Combs,at Garner, Ky. As I am writing this tomorrow will make one year since we received the sad news. I still find
it hard to believe. But we know that God is a just God, and everything He does has a reason.
Carlos only lived to be 22 yrs.3 months and 27 days old, but he brought us a life time of love. He was always so
kind and understanding. He made a special trip up to see me, just four days before he got killed in the car accident.

Carlos was the youngest of nine children.. The only one left at horne, God please give Dad and Mom strength to
carry on with their daily lives,

Home will never be the same without you Brother.

We all miss you and you are never off our minds, even though you are gone, you will never be forgotten.
Orville Ray Combs Dunkirk, Ohio
Carlos Ugene Combs