I will try to write the obituary of my dear mother it being very hard to tell about her in a few pages. I could write
a book filled with many wonderful and treasured memories of what she meant to so many people.
She was born June 22,1919, being 53 yrs.9 months and 15 days of age at the time of her death; She died April 5,
1973. She was the daughter of the late Rebecca Brown.

   Survived by her are her husband, Raymond Caudill, two daughters: Clare Ree Combs of Louisville, Ky., and
Wonda Jean Maggard of Millstone, Ky., and two grandchildren, Keith Combs and Lucillia Maggard. She also
leaves three brothers: Willie Brown, Taylor Mich. ,Jimmie Brown of Somerville,Ohio and Roy Brown of Roseville,

   Mother had a wonderful Christian life for many , years and had a good faith and love for God. She always wore
a smile and gave everyone a warm welcome, for she seemed to love everyone. Her last day on earth she told her
family and friends of the experience she had with the Lord. He took her to a place that was more beautiful than the
eyes could see. She told how Jesus was waiting by the gate along with her Mother and more of her family. It was
such a wonderful thing to see a person so happy yet so weak and close to death, but she was iust waiting for God
to come and take her home.

   She told everyone how happy she was and that all the sickness she had gone through was worth it, just
knowing that when she died she would be going to a place where there would be no more sickness, pain or
sorrow, to a land of new birth, where the soul is free and safe, to live with God through eternity.
For those Mother left behind, the days are filled with sorrow and heartache but we still have all the beautiful
memories of her to cherish and we rest assured that she has accomplished climbing to the top of a glorious

Sadly missed by her husband and daughters, but we feel in our hearts that our loss is Heaven's gain.
                           Written by Raymond Caudill Wonda Jean Maggard Clara Ree Combs
Della Caudill