With much sadness I will try to write an obituary of a beloved brother in the Lord, Dewey Thornsberry. Bro.
Dewey was the son of Andrew and Rhoda Thornsberry. He was born Dec. 18,1904, and died Jan 21,1973,making
his stay on earth 69 years, 1 month and 3 days.

   Brother Dewey ioined the Old Regular Baptist Ivy Point Church in 1970. Early in life Bro. Dewey was married to
Dina Caudill  Nov. 1933. They had no children. Bro. Dewey was a very sick man for several years. Sometimes
when he would go to church he would almost pass out he would smother so bad. Bro. Dewey loved to talk about
the goodness of God of his love and mercy. He told me so many times that he had a strong hope that he would go
to that good land and always be with Jesus. I don't think I ever saw a more humble man than Bro. Dewey.
He leaves to mourn their loss in this cold hearted world, his loving broken-hearted wife,Dina. She said he told her,
"Dina, God is with me, Don' t forget our God. "

   I believe Bro. Dewey just fell asleep in the arms of Jesus. I can say from my heart that I believe Bro. Dewey will
get up out of that grave where he is now sleeping, get on that Cloud of Glory with Jesus and go home with Him to
live forever. I believe that in that morning when Jesus comes after His children that Sister Dina and Bro. Dewey will
join that band of angels together.

                           Written by a Brother in the Lord, Lee Mosley