We pray that thou wilt teach us all how to live, that we may provide an example to all the world. Yet we confess
before Thee the bigotry and the intolerance that plague us. We confess to Thee our disinclination to enjoy
brotherhood, for we have withheld the spirit of it from many around us. Oh God, forgive us.
Earl Day passed from this life at the Whitsburg Hospital, March 9,1973 at about the hour of eleven o'clock. Earl
was born July 25, 1925 making his stay on earth 47 years,7 months and 12 days.
Brother Earl was married to Estelle Blair on November 8,1947 and to this union were born four children: Shelia
Creech, of Hamilton, Ohio, Sharon Hogg, Middletown, Ohio, Earleen Caudill, Jeremiah, Ky. and Earl Douglas Day,
still at home.

   Besides his wife and children, he is survived by his mother,Phoebe Cay of Eubank,Ky., three brothers: Astor
Day,El Paso, Texas; John H. Day, Brownstown Ind., and Virgil Day of Prattsville, Alabama. One sister, Mattie Cox
of Eubank, Ky., also three grand- children.

   Brother Earl joined the Blair Branch Regular Baptist Church in 1961 and was a deacon of this Church. Bro. Earl
was a devoted father and husband and loved the church. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him. To know
Bro. Earl was to love him.

   Bro. Earl believed in the following scriptures: "And I heard a voice from Heaven saying, blessed are the dead
who die in the Lord from henceforth: yea,saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors: for their works follow
with them:" (Rev 14: 13) ' 'Thou wilt guide me with thy counsel, and Heaven but thee? And there is none upon earth
that I desire beside thee, My flesh and my heart and my portion forever.  (Psalm 73: 24-26). 0ur loss on earth is
Heaven's gain, for we believe that Bro. Earl is now resting around the throne of God awaiting the general
resurrection, when the Saints of God will go home to glory to ever be with the lord.                                        
There’s something  in “the parting hour” that will chill the warmest heart, Yet kindred, comrades 1overs.friends.are
fated all to part; But this I've seen and many a pang has pressed it on my mind-The one who goes is happier than
those he leaves behind.

   No matter what the journey be-adventurous dangerous. ,for to the wild deep, or black frontier, to solitude, or
war-still something cheers the heart that dares, in all of human kind; And they who go are happier than those they
leave behind.

                           Writer unknown