With precious memories I will write the obituary of my loving Father, Eddy Dixon, who was a wonderful father,
husband and .neighbor. Dad was born June 2,1880.. He was the son of Spencer and Vina Combs Dixon. In the
year of 1906 he met and married Vina Halcomb.

   Mom and Dad went hand in hand together for 66 years with a family of twelve children, until at the age of 92 the
good Lord called Dad home. He passed from this life on June 19,1973,in the hospital while the evening sun was
sinking low, Dad's name was called; he had to go. He hated to leave us all here below, though we feel he's gone
to that land where he'll never grow old.

   Dad believed in the good Lord with his whole heart and lived for him. He was a member of the Mt. Olivet
Regular Baptist Church, Blackey, Ky. He was a hard worker and a retired school teacher. We will all miss him. He
was so good and humble. He sang a song on his dying bed.

                                                   Go on Brethern, go rejoicing,
                                                   Some glad day we will all arise.
                                                   In his likeness we will be shining,
                                                   Then we will all be satisfied.

His request was for all his children to meet him over in that city where parting will be no more
May God bless us all together.

                           Written by a daughter, Alice Little, Blackey,Ky.
Eddy Dixon