With much sadness I will attempt to write an obituary of ,our precious brother, and faithful husband and much  
respected father, Jack Hanover who was born February 16., 1904 in Perry County and here grew to manhood. At
the tender age of 27 years he met, loved and was married to Lula Ritchie in 1931, To this union were born three
children,, 2 boys and 1girl. One of the boys preceded Daddy in death, Jack was the perfect example of a devoted
husband and father and was dearly respected and was honored by all with whom he came in contact. He was
afflicted  the last years of his life. Having spent quite sometime in the hospital for medical aid. It was here he
realized he was a sinner and after much prayer and supplication he finally received a pardon for all the wrong
things he had ever done.

   After a time he summoned some of the brothers to visit him in the hospital and when they came, he offered his
hand to become a member of the Little Dove Church of Old Regular Baptist.
The brothers were so touched by the relationship he had with the Lord, they accepted him into their fellowship in
February, 1973. His precious companion had been a member of the church for many years so she joined him at
the Little Dove.

   However his suffering became so severe that the death angel called him home on March 5,1973 leaving  his
loving family, 4 brothers, 3 sisters and many friends and relatives along with many Brothers and Sisters in the
church and we feel our loss is his eternal gain.

                           Humbly submitted by an unworthy Brother in Hope, Lewis F. Craft
Jack Hanover