Christine Eldridge, entered eternal life on Saturday February 15, 1975 at her residence at Red Star, Ky.  She
was born December 19, 1925, being 49 years, 2 months and 25 days of age at the time of her passing.  She
was the daughter of the late Robert Dixon and Tilda Dixon.

     In early life she was married to John P. Eldridge.  She had one daughter, Maris Miller, and three

     About a year before her death she was stricken with a fatal disease and endured much suffering.  During
this time she repented of her sins and told members of her family that she felt that she had been forgiven.  She
wanted to have church in her home and wanted to talk to the church but was too weak to tell all that she wanted
to tell.

     We believe that she is at rest; she was a member of Cedar Grove Church although she was too sick to be

                             Written by, Bro. Agnan Back, and her
                             Husband, John P. Eldridge