When I am through with this old clay house of mine
                                               When no more guide lights through the windows shine
                                               Just box it up and lay it away,
                                               With the other clay houses of yesterday
                                               And with my friends, just try if you can
                                               To bury the wrongs, since first I began to live in this house
                                               To bury them deep and forget, I want to feel free and out of debt.
                                               When i meet the Grand Architect Supreme, face to face, I want to be clean
                                               I know my dear friends, it’s to late to mend
                                               A bad built house when you come to the end
                                               But to you who are building, and still on the line
                                               Make your alterations, while yet there is time
                                               You ask what material is best to select
                                               It was told long ago by the grand architect
                                               A new commandment I give to you
                                               That you love one another, as I have loved you
                                               So the very best material to send up above
                                               Is the clear straight timber of Brotherly love

    Della Viola Holbrook was born April 12, 1909 to grace the home of W.B. (Bill) Holbrook and Sarah Holbrook
at Cromona, Ky.  Here she grew to womanhood, a kind and obedient child.  Early in life she met and married
Arvil (Coon) Holbrook.  To this union were born three children: one girl, Serenda, and two boys: Vleatis and
Kenneth both of Hazard, Ky.  She was preceded in death by Arvil (Coon) and the daughter, Sereda.

    On April 2, 1950, she professed a hope in Jesus Christ, offered her hand, and became a member of the
Elizabeth Regular Baptist Church.  So upon the profession of her hope, she was waited upon in baptism, by her
Brother R.E. Holbrook and Dixie Isom.

    A true and faithful member she remained until the end and filled her seat as long as she was able to attend.  
She was afflicted and in poor health for many years, but this she bore with great patience, until the pale horse
and his rider called her away August 2, 1975.

    She leaves to mourn her passing, one brother, Sandy Holbrook of Trenton, Ohio, six grand-children.  The two
boys, a host of friends and relatives many precious brothers and sisters in the faith.  Her stay here on earth was
66 years, 3 months and 21 days.

Along the Golden Streets a stranger walks to-night
                                            With wonder in her heart, faith blossomed into sight
                                            She walks and stops, and stares, and walks and stops again
                                            Vistas of holiness, beyond the dreams of men
                                            She was feeble, weak, and shackled to her bed.
                                            Now climbs eternal hills with light and easy tred
                                            She has escaped at last, the cruel clutch of pain
                                            Her lips shall never taste its bitter cup again
                                            Oh! Never call her dead, this buoyant one and free
                                            Whose daily portion is delight and ecstasy
                                            She bows in speechless joy before the feet of Him
                                            Whom seeing not she loved, while yet her sight was dim
                                            Along the Golden Streets no stranger walks today
                                            But one who long homesick, is home to stay

                            Humbly Submitted by Lewis F. Craft a Brother in Hope
                            Elder Ballard Meade
                            Elder W.F. Hubbard
                            Lewis F. Craft
Della Viola Holbrook