It is with much sadness I write a short obituary of my wife, Dulsena Slone Watson.

     She was the daughter of Bee and Nan Slone.  She was born Jan. 26, 1915.  She died March 21, 1959,
making her stay on earth 44 years.  She joined the Old Regular Baptist Church in 1959 but was never able to
be baptized.  She was bedfast for several months, but bore her suffering with much patience.

     She was married to Dingus Watson on April 24, 1934.  There was born of their bodies 10 children.  Three
infants deceased here in her lifetime.  7 children are still living: Henry Watson of Lexington, Ky., Nan Taylor,
Taylor Watson, Nella Slone, Kelly Watson, Paul Watson, Winnie Sue Ritchie all of Mallie, Ky.  She has 16
grandchildren.  She has 3 brothers and 2 sisters living, and a host of friends to mourn their loss.  She was loved
by all her neighbors.

     I will tell all her children if they ever expect to meet Mother they must lay down all the worldly things and
take up the cross and follow the Lord.

     When she left out of this world she went with a smile, and I have no doubt but she is at rest.  I have
dreamed that she is at rest.

             Softly the stars are shining upon
                     The precious grave.
             Beneath it lies the one I
                     Could not save.
             I think of them in silence
                     No eyes can see me weep.
             But many a silent tear is shed
                     While others are asleep.
             When evening shadows are falling,
                     I sit quiet, alone.
             In my heart there comes A longing
             If only they could come home.
     How I miss the welcome footsteps
                     Of the one I love so dear.
     Oft I listen for your coming,
                     Feeling sure you are near
     Only God know how I miss you,
                     Only God knows the pain
     I have suffered since I lost you
                     Life has never been the same
     Thou art gone but not forgotten,
                     For as long as I have memory.
     Fresh my love will ever be
                     For I will always think of thee
     Soft above the swirling waters
                     We have crossed the bar
     Earth has lost one precious pearl
             But Heaven, has gained one bright star
     If all the world was all mine to give
             I’d give it, yes, and even more
     To see the face of the one I loved
             And have her once more.

     This was written by her sick and lonely husband and a brother in the Lord.  God bless all the children are
my wishes.

                             Dingus Watson
Dulsena Slone Watson