With a sad heart and lonely feeling, I will try to write an obituary of Bro. Jim Thacker.  He was born June 6,
1891, and died Feb. 9, 1975.

     He left behind to mourn their loss 10 children, 7 girls and 3 boys, his good companion, 46 grandchildren, 48
great-grandchildren and many friends.

     He joined the New Home Regular Baptist Church on Jan. 18, 1975 and said the Lord had forgiven him for all
he had ever done.  Throughout his sickness I talked to him many times about the good Lord.  I don’t have any
doubt about his soul; after he said the Lord forgave him he didn’t have anymore pain concerning his sickness.  I
believe the Good Lord sent me to his bedside to talk to him.  Before he repented I told him that I would pray and
for him to pray.  He said he would.  On about the third day after we talked he told his family the Lord had saved
his soul and joined the church.
     So Children, I think our loss is Heaven’s gain.  Just pray to meet him again in a world where trouble cannot
come and parting is no more.

                     Written by,
                     Bro. Birtchel Mosley

Jim Thacker