Leroy Cornett was born April 8, 1925, the son of Elder Woodard Cornett and Mahalia Fields Cornett at
Linefork, Ky.  He passed from this life at Mercy Hospital, Hamilton, Ohio August 28, 1975.  His journey here
was 50 years, 4 months and 20 days.

    Brother Leroy had been sick for approximately 10 years and suffered much pain and sorrow during this
time.  Many times we have visited in his home.  He also went that extra effort to make people really wanted.  
We have many, many memories of prayer, singing and Bible discussions in his home.  Brother Leroy was gifted
with a beautiful understanding of God’s written word and took great delight talking about the goodness of God
to his friends and family.

    In passing, Brother Leroy leaves his wife, Joyce Cornett.  He was previously married to Elva Turner, and
unto that union were born 7 children.  The children are:  Mrs. Sheila Wooten, Mrs. Phyllis Roark, Mrs. Ellen
Rumpler, Mrs. Patsy Wooten, Mrs. Herma Stephen, Julius Cornett and Iney Cornett.  Also left to mourn their
loss are 3 brother: Cloyce Cornett, Namire Cornett, and Herbert Cornett, and 4 sister: Mable Cornett, Bernice
Baker, Mildred Posenereans, and Janice Anderson.  He also leaves 5 grandchildren.  Both his father and
mother preceded him in death.  

    Brother Lerory was retired from Fisher Body Co., Hamilton, Ohio.  He was a member of the Northern New
Home Church of Old Regular Baptist at Goshen, Ohio and a preacher of the Gospel before he became unable.  
He was baptized by Elder Jim T. Caudill and myself after having chopped through approximately 8 inches of ice.

    Brother Leroy was a great outdoorsman.  He truly loved the things of nature.  He loved God’s good earth
and now he returns to it from whence he came.

                    Elder Ermil R. Ison
Leroy Cornett