Another year has come and gone and the little town of Blackey has lost a valiant soldier.  We are sad, and
that aching, empty feeling that so disturbs us today will not be soon filled.  However, the rejoicing in heaven far
exceeds anything that Mallie Shepherd has known before

    Mallie was born on August 3, 1897, into the home of the late Mose and Polly Ann Ison.  She entered eternal
life on Saturday, December 28, 1974, making her life on earth 77 years, 4 months and 25 days.  

    On September 7, 1917, Mallie was married to Navire Shepherd who preceded her in death.  Navire and
Mallie had no children.  However, they brought into their home Mallie’s niece, Janice Sue Ison Whitaker, when
she was 22 months old and were a father and mother to her.  They loved her; and the prayed for her salvation.

    Then Mallie was 21 years old she joined the Regular Baptist Church and has been a faithful and working
member.  Her sweet smile and simple, genuine kindness has made a tremendous impression on friends,
neighbors and relatives.  We can all remember back in brighter years how Mallie and Navire walked up and
down this valley on their way to church with a dedication to serving God not often found.

    Mallie leaves to mourn their loss: one sister, Marli Adams; three brother; Roosevelt Ison, Bradley Ison and
Navire Ison, and many, many friends and relatives.

    Janice Sue, Bobby Ray, Greg, and Jeff, your visit to Blackey will never be the same again, but be of good
cheer for Mallie has overcome her pain, her loneliness, being crippled, and all the sorrow of the world.  She has
worked hard for many years.  She served her family, her neighbors, hre community, and her Savior well.  I’m
sure she would say:

    Oh, weep not for me, I am anxious to go
    To that Heaven of rest where tears never flow.
    I fear not to enter that dark lonely world
    For soon shall I rise from the old graveyard.

  You too can go live forever with Mallie and Navire and all the friends that have gone before.
  Written by a friend and brother in hope of eternal life.

                                                            Elwood Cornett
Mallie Shepherd