Brother Oakley Fugate was born May 4, 1918 an passed from this life early in the morning, Nov. 11, 1974.  
Early in life, he was married to Ella Mae Francis, and to this union were born nine children: six daughters and
three boys; two of the daughters preceded him in death.  Left according to the mother tie which we all have to
mourn the loss of our loved ones are sister Mae’s children.  Girls: Yvonne Hall, Wanda Howie, Loretta
Henrikson, and Volina Kay Fugate.  Boys: Allen, Gary and Robert Fugate.  Brother Oakley came to the time
where that great burden of sin rolled up before him, that had to be removed from his soul, or go down to the
world of the lost.  Brother Oakley began praying for the Lord to forgive him and to save his soul from that awful
place.  Brother Oakley told me and so many more that he was driving across the Bull Creek mountain, when the
burden of sin got so heavy he stopped his truck and got out just under the side of the top of the Elk Creek
mountain and began to pray right there till he felt that burden move from his soul.  So, we feel right there a birth
took place in heaven where Brother Oakley can be very happy for ever and ever.

    At the great day when the good Lord comes after His bride, Brother Oakley will have a glorified body that will
come out of that tomb to unite with that soul to live with Jesus through eternity, where there will be no end nor
trouble.  Brother Oakley joined the Bull Creek Church on March, the third Sunday in 1972, and was baptized the
next meeting.  Sister Mae joined the same day with Brother Oakley.  They walked hand and hand together
always, going somewhere to church or some place where they could help some one in trouble.

    The Little Bull Creek Church took a travel for some deacons and the lot fell on Brother Oakley and Sister
Mae, and they were ordained Deacons, August and the third Saturday, 1972.

    This Brother was also put in Assistant Clerk.  He really did his share in anything the church needed done.  He
was always ready and willing to go and help in his church or neighbors.  There are so many, many things we
could say or write of our Brother, but space might not permit, but this I want to say to his children, repent of your
sins and be ready, when God calls you out of this world to eternity.  So, I will close with these few lines.  May
the Lord bless this family and the world of mankind and He will if they just put their whole trust in Him.

                               A brother in hope of a better world than this,
                               Elder Green Fields