It is with a sad heart I will try to write the obituary of my loving brother, Raymond Amburgey, the son of
William and Flossie Amburgey.  He was born Jan. 25, 1917, and deceased Dec. 2, 1974, making his stay on
earth 57 years 10 months and 7 days.  He was married to Susana Everage.  He was blessed to spend the rest
of his life with her.  She was so good to him.  God blessed them with two children: 1 daughter, Letta Morgan; a
son died at birth.  He leaves 5 sisters, and 2 brothers to mourn their loss.  His father, mother and 1 sister and 1
brother preceded him in death.

    Raymond believed in the Old Regular Baptist Church.  But he never did join the church.  He had a stroke two
years before he died which left him crippled.  He could not walk or talk and was not able to go to church any
more.  I believe with all my heart he made peace with the Lord before he died.  I do believe he would have
joined the church if he had been able to go.  When we asked him if he was prepared to die, he would point his
hand toward Heaven and shake his head yes.  I believe with all my heart he has joined a band of Angels, where
the crippled will have new arms and legs.  I feel he is rejoicing in Heaven with Mom and Dad.  He also leaves his
wife, 1 daughter, 3 grandchildren and a host of friends to mourn their loss.  We feel our loss is Heaven’s gain.

Sleep on, Brother your suffering is o’ re.
                                                    God took you home where there will be no more.
                                                    You suffered on earth while here you stayed.
                                                    I feel you are at rest where you now lay.

                                                    It hurt us to know you could not talk
                                                    We sat and watched you try to walk.
                                                    There is no crippled or dumb up there
                                                    In that land so bright and fair.

                                                    God didn’t give you to us to keep forever.
                                                    He led you across that great river.
                                                    Your trials on earth were worth it all
                                                    For you were ready to answer His call.

                                                    Sleep on, Brother, you are at rest.
                                                    God took you because he loved you best.
                                                    We miss you now that you are gone
                                                    But our love for you will still go on.

                            Written by his sister, Melba Givens