The prophet Isaiah, the is the author of these words, no doubt many times gazed with awe and amazement
upon the beautiful green fields and colorful flowers sparkling with beauty of those Palestinian dewdrops under
the rays of the magnificent sun as it shines forth in all its splendor and glory.  The Prophet likens the swiftness
with which this loveliness disappears to our earthly existence and pilgrimage here.

    It teaches us the lesson that we are but a few days and pass on to another existence where we will reign as
immortal beings forever with the ages.  In this world, age and infirmaties are bound to be our lot for a season.  If
we are to attain that bright world above we shall bear much afflictions and sorrows here.  Yes, life is an example
of the withering grass and the fading flower.

    Thank the Lord this isn’t the whole story.  The wise prophet also said, the word of the Lord shall live forever.  
The Bible is literally filled with assurances that all who believe on Jesus have everlasting life, and we have the
comfort that our departed loved ones, who so believe, are resting from their labors and waiting for the glorious
day of resurrection and reunion.

    Thursday evening February 8, 1973 near 4:30 P.M., as the sun was completing its orbit across the Heavens,
hiding its face from us in order to bring night and darkness to the world, Angel Gabriel was sent from Heaven to
the Mountain Manor Nursing home and called for our blessed father and took him to a land of everlasting peace
and happiness.

    In Mid summer, August 2, 1874 almost one hundred years ago; long before the screams of the locomotives
were heard in these valleys of the little red school houses had dotted the hills, W.M. (Bill) Ison was born into the
parentage of George Ison and Vina Polly Ison, at the foot of the Chestnut Hill near the mouth of Big Branch on
Linefork.  Here he grew into manhood working in the fields, timber woods and rafting logs down the Kentucky
River to distant marketing cities.

    At the age of twenty-four he was married to Sarah Dixon which was a happy union for nearly sixty years.  To
this union were born nine children: Dicy Halcomb, Skyline, Ky., Dee Ison, deceased, Ed Ison, deceased, Bertha
Harden, Detroit, Michigan, Kirby Ison, Whitesburg, Ky., Vina Caudill, Whitesburg, Ky., Lovel Creech, Skyline,
Ky., Ada Cornett, Cumberland, Ky., and Loy Ison, deceased.  He also leaves 35 grandchildren, 90 great-
grandchildren, and 21 great-great-grandchildren, a total of 146 decendents.

    Many years ago he and Mother again joined hands together in the race for eternal life.  On the same day in a
little meeting house beside of the road they together mad a confession of their faith in their blessed Savior and it
was a pleasure and a privilege of mine to baptize them into fellowship of the Little Cedar Grove Church.  We
doubt any brother living or deceased enjoyed their religion and soul’s salvation more than he.

    In the church he was an inspiration to others around him.  Many times we have seen him rise to his feet
shouting and glorifying God while the brethren were preaching.  He believed with his whole heart in the old time
and old fashion way.  It was good for him.  He was never ashamed to talk, it, walk it and live it.  Like the might
oaks of the forest these old soldiers of the cross are falling and we are going to miss them.

    Dad was seldom sick until he was far beyond ninety.  At about the age of 94 or 95 his health began to fail
him.  Each year from there on he became more frail until the end came.  Just a day or so before his passing, hr
told us that he saw the Lord standing in front of him and that he had come to take him home, and that he was
ready and willing to go with Him to His blessed home in Heaven.  Now the grass did wither and the flower did
fade, but the word of the Lord will stand forever.

                            Written by a son,
                            Elder Kirby Ison
W.M. Ison