Artie Cornett was the daughter of David and Nancy Dixon Back and the granddaughter of the well
remembered Old Regular Baptist minister, James Dixon. She was born April 25, 1892, making her stay on earth
86 years and 26 days. She was the youngest child of a large family and was the last left to fall from this great

    On September 13, 1913 she and the late Arch Cornett were united in holy matrimony and lived a happy
devoted life until the good Lord called her beloved husband home to Glory on September 17, 1965. They built a
home about two miles above Blackey, Ky., where they reared a large family (9 boys , 3 girls) The children are:
Varge Cornett, Huntsville, Alabama; Eunice Bates, Blackey, Ky., Avis Stewart, Letcher, Ky., Verlon Cornett,
deceased May, 1969, Emil Cornett, Shelbyville, Ky., Vance Cornett, Winchester, Ky., Lilly Blaine Cornett,
Cawood, Ky.; Cleo Cornett, Lexington, Ky., Clell Cornett, Louisville, Ky., Mildred Strunk, Somerset, Ky., Dean
Cornett, Huntsville, Ky., and Elwood Cornett, Blackey, Ky.

    Many years ago Aunt Artie and Uncle Arch saw the need for the good life. They sought the Lord and found
Him to be merciful and forgiving. Aunt Artie joined the Old Indian Bottom Church in August, 1931, and in
September when she was to be baptized, Uncle Arch joined the church at the water side and was baptized with
her. In 1956 they came in the arm that set up the Mt. Olivet Church where they both happily and faithfully served
the good Lord until He called them home. Uncle Arch being ordained a deacon in the Old Indian Bottom Church,
and Artie as his help mate, served in both churches soberly and righteously.

    Aunt Artie in her girlhood days became a teacher where I'm sure she affected the lives of many people, not
only in the 3-R's, but in such qualities of character as honesty, morality, self-respect, perseverance, truthfulness,
and all the qualities that make a better life.

    God tells us to let our light so shine before men that they may see our good works, and glorify the Father
which is in Heaven. I feel that no person ever fulfilled this commandment more than did Aunt Artie. There is not a
hollow that she hasn't traveled; not a hill that she hasn't climbed; nor hardly a home that she hasn't visited in a
time of sorrow or distress. She never had to be sent for but was always there in time of need. These last few
years of her life she went holding on to the arm of her baby son, Elder Elwood Cornett.  All this she did for the
honor and glory of God. She truly let her light shine.

    Aunt Artie believed in true salvation by grace, through faith, and believed in worshiping God in spirit and truth.
She never wavered but stood firm in her convictions, which were usually right, always looking to the Lord for
guidance. She was a true Christian, a loving mother, a good neighbor and an inspiration and light to all.

    When the church was in prayer for Divine Revelation for its name, the Lord whispered a message to Aunt
Artie to call it Mt. Olivet and that is how it was named.

    Aunt Artie leaves to mourn her departure, her eleven children, who so dearly loved her, 42 grandchildren, 26
great- grandchildren, many nieces and nephews, and a host of other relatives and friends.

    Our church has lost a faithful member, you children have lost a loving mother, and the community has lost a
good neighbor and friend, but Heaven has gained another angel. Today we are sad because one we loved so
dearly has gone home, but the angels are rejoicing for another valiant soldier has at last reached home. God has
gathered another lily for His beautiful flower garden.

    To the children, let me say to raise up your hands and look unto the hills from whence cometh your help.
Mother is not sick anymore; she is not tired anymore; she does not walk with a limp leaning on a cane or holding
on to your arm. She is at rest around the great white throne of God, where she will praise God forever and ever
in that world that has no end , and in that city where God is the light. Just vow in your hearts to meet her again in
That Beautiful, That Blest Forever.

Artie Cornett