Bervige has been gone for many years, leaving this world being just 21 years and 11 months.  He was the
son of Pierce and Tenia Owens Slone.  He left behind his brothers, Benton and Ruhfus, along with sisters,
Lassie, Artis, Violet, Fonnie, and Fredia.  He had been preceded in death by a sister, Cimolene.

    Bervige was a quiet man, loved by all who knew him.  He was a hard worker and enjoyed making things with
his hands.  He could just about make anything he set his mind to make.  I have never heard anyone say a hard
word against him.  From talking with those who knew him, I believe he was a good man, a humble spirit, a good
heart, and was such a jolly man.  He loved to hunt and worked hard to provide for his young family, which he was
so proud of.

    Here was a vibrant, healthy, young man who seemed to have everything going for him.  But God chose to
send his angels to take Bervige home in what seemed to be the prime of his life.  We don’t understand why God
chooses to take our loved ones, which is the case of Bervige.  But God had a purpose, He needed him more.  So
one day while he was working along side his brother, Benton and his father-in-law, Sylvester Triplett, a huge rock
crashed down upon him.  He was taken almost instantly.  Benton fervently removed this huge rock off Bervige,
but later it took several men to move it.

    This loss left his son to grow up never knowing his dad, except what he was told by others.  And over the
years, the yearning within Jeff’s heart grew to almost unbearable measures.  He so desperately wanted to see
his dad, and know where he was.  So when Jeff came under the conviction of the Lord, God granted him the
desire of his heart to let him see Bervige.  God showed him his dad- he was surrounded in a brilliant, and most
beautiful, brightest cloud.  He had the biggest smile on his face.  This left Jeff with a peace in his heart like he
had never known before and had the assurance that his dad was in a better place.

    Although Bervige had never joined the church, he was a God fearing man.  And after the vision Jeff had, he
carries the hope in his heart that one of these days a father and son will meet again.  They will have a glorious
reunion no words can begin to describe.  Best of all, when they meet on that heavenly shore, they will walk the
streets of pure gold together, they will rejoice together in the sweet love and joy of our most gracious heavenly
Father, never to be separated again.  And until that glorious day arrives, we believe Bervige is resting at the foot
of the Lord’s throne, waiting for his son to join him in our beloved Saviour’s arms!  Bervige may be gone, but he is
not forgotten.  I never got to meet my father-in-law, but I have tried to write a fitting and loving tribute for my
husband, Jeff, who joined the Friendship Old Regular Baptist Church and was baptized last July.  I look forward
to the time I will get to see this father and son together, and rejoice with them in our blessed Saviour’s love.

                            Written in love by Brenda Slone.