I will try by the help of God to write an obituary of my dear husband.  He was the son of James and Olga
Adams Boggs.  They preceded him in death.  He had four brothers, two of whom died before him.  He had one
sister preceding him in death and six sisters still living.

    He and I met when he was sixteen and I was fifteen.  We were married on December 19, 1953.  To this
union were born four sons, Terry, Greg, Keith, Mark, and one daughter, Diana Gilley.  He had ten grandchildren,
one great-grandchild, and another great-grandchild on the way.

    His family loved him so much it broke our hearts when we lost him to lung cancer.  I feel he died too soon but
God called and he answered.  Bobby made a big change over the last years.  I kept hoping he would, but he
never joined our church.  I believe he is in Heaven because there were a lot of people he told that he felt Jesus’s
hand holding his hand and he believed he was all right.  I believe I will one day meet him in Heaven.

                            Written by his Wife, Barbara Boggs
Bobby Boggs