Sister Carmella came to this world, thirty-four years ago, in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  She was born to
Raymond Farley and Evelyn Marie Jones Endicott in 1966.  Her and her family moved to Hurley, Virginia, while
she was young and she graduated Hurley High School in 1984.  As she grew older, she moved to Vale, North
Carolina, where she worked as a spinner at the Vale Spinning Mill.

     Not long before the Lord called Sister Carmella from this world, she was diagnosed with cancer.  At a time
when many in this world would seek after physical help of any kind, Sister Carmella began to seek the help of
Jesus Christ.  During her stay in Virginia, she had learned of the small band of Christians called the Old Regular
Baptist.  In February 2001, she felt like the Lord had forgave her of her sins and she called for the brothers of the
Little David Old Regular Baptist Church to come and hear her story.  She told the brothers of the great load which
had been lifted from her and of the many witnesses she had concerning her salvation.  She felt she was ready to
meet her God.  With this, she was baptized in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost as a member of
the Little David Church by Elder Frank Newsome and Brother William McClanahan.  Shortly after this, on March
16, 2001, while at home with her parents, God called her to her heavenly home.

     She left to morn her loss on earth, her parents; two sisters, Teresa Ann Endicott and Judy Marie Donnan;
three brothers, Eugene Wayne Endicott, Timothy Lee Endicott, and William Lee Endicott; her grandmother, Mabel
Blankenship; and five uncles and three aunts.

     It is sad that Sister Carmella did not get to enjoy the fruits of the Church while here on earth, but we believe
with greatest sincerity that Sister Carmella enjoys the riches of a better land we all long to see.  So to Sister
Carmella, sleep in peace, until the day the Lord shall gather all his own.

                             Written by a Brother in Christ.
Carmella Lynn Endicott