Clark Hays, well-known and loved by many in Eastern Kentucky as a minister in the Old Regular Baptist
Church, died July 17, 2001 in Lexington, Ky.  He was 86.

    Hays, a resident of Red Fox, was a retired employee of Kentucky Power Company.

    He loved his church, and was devoted to the ministry he felt God called him to do.

    Hays served in the ministry for a total of 49 years.  He made the Happy Home Church his own home in
March 1973 and became assistant moderator there.

    Hays was born September 30, 1914, the son of Nelson and Lucinda B. Smith Hays.

    He is survived by his wife of 67 years, Lettie Vance Hays; three sons, Rudean, Shelby and Larry; four
daughters, Navon Singleton, Mildred Sue Childers, Verie Gibson and Pat Gentry; two brothers, Astor and
Lawrence Hays; one sister, Alma Banks; 14 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren.

    Funeral services for Clark Hays were held Friday, July 20, 2001, with Elwood Cornett and Do Pratt
officiating.  He was buried in the Carr Fork Memorial Cemetery at Litt Carr.

                                                        Tribute to Brother Clark

                                                    His face is weathered like leather
                                                    His hands are so big and so strong
                                                    In his eyes you see the wisdom
                                                    That has come as the years have gone

                                                    In his voice you hear the laughter
                                                    And the caring that comes from the heart
                                                    A lot of men have walked this valley
                                                    But none quite like Brother Clark.

                                                    He was a young boy full of mischief
                                                    But he met a girl who saw the good
                                                    And through her love and understanding
                                                    He turned to the Lord like he knew he should

                                                    For over 60 years he has loved her
                                                    He thinks of the children she gave
                                                    When he looks at her he sees all seven
                                                    And at night for each one he will pray

                                                    Oh, Lord, please watch over my children
                                                    Oh, Lord, please show them the way
                                                    Oh, Lord, please guide them to you
                                                    Like you did for me that joyous day

                                                    When Clark has gone up to Heaven
                                                    He will have Lettie walking by his side
                                                    He will look down upon this valley
                                                    He’ll hear his children say with pride

                                                    Oh, Daddy, thank you for loving
                                                    Oh, Daddy, thank you for your prayers
                                                    Daddy, we have all found Jesus
                                                    So rest, sweet Daddy, way up there.

                                                                    --Rhett Gibson
Clark Hays