I will try to write the obituary of my precious, loving Daddy.  On December 13, 2000, the Lord sent his best
angel for my Daddy.  Although, earth’s loss is Heaven’s gain, it left all of us with a sad and broken heart.  He left
to mourn his wife, Judy Mullins Owens and his six children: Virginia Ritchie, Donna Fugate, Vicky Owens, Darrell
Owens, Joey Owens and Amy Owens, and he also left to mourn two sons-in-law, William Ritchie and Nathan
Fugate and one daughter-in-law, Jackie Owens.  Daddy and Mommy also had 10 precious grandchildren.  Daddy
was born and raised on Clear Creek in Knott County.  He was preceded in death by his father and mother and
baby sister, Shelby Jean.  His father was Aaron Owens, the son of Joseph and Dallie Owens.  His mother was
Amy Ritchie Owens, the daughter of Frank and Darcus Ritchie.  Daddy loved to go to church and loved being
with his sisters and brothers in the church.  He was an ordained preacher of the Old Regular Baptist Church and
a dedicated member of the New Bethlehem Church.  He would always preach to people to get ready to meet the
Lord and what you had to do to get to Heaven.

    I know that that one day I hope to see my Daddy again in Heaven.  Daddy will always be in our hearts and his
memories will live on forever.  Daddy was loved here on earth more than he would have ever known.  The one
thing that everyone can say that they remember about our Daddy is that ever time you seen him he was always
joking and laughing.  As I said, it was time for the Lord to pick his precious flowers from his garden and he chose
my Daddy that day.  In loving memory of our Daddy, Everett Owens.

                            Written by his daughters, Virginia and Amy.
Everett Owens