Sister Georgia Back was born October 7th, 1924 to Cleland and Malva Caudill in Jeremiah, Kentucky.  She
departed this life on December 29th, 2000, being 76 years, 2 months and 21 days old.

    Early life was not an easy or happy one but she met and married Brother Joe Back on April 6th, 1944.  They
had almost 57 years together.  To them were born two children, Roger Dale Back and Diane Turner.  Through
these two children she gained seven grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.  Her great grandchildren
brought her much happiness through the last years of her life even though she was sick.  Mom had quite a bit of
sickness throughout her life.  Over twenty five years ago Mom found Jesus and joined the Old Regular Baptist
family.  She enjoyed church so much before she became too sick to go.  She never lost her faith and looked
forward to going to meet her savior some day.  I believe she suffers no more and rests with friends and family
who have gone on before her.  She will be sadly missed.  We had her for a short while but we will love her

                            Written By The Family

    At the time of her death, Sister Georgia was a member in full love and fellowship in the Northern New Home
Church at Goshen Ohio.  The church remembers very well how Brother Joe and Sister Georgia would come to
church regularly and bring the grand children and while setting in the same seat would fill it up.  We remember
very well the wonderful meals she would prepare for those who came to eat.  The church will sadly miss her.  
Another seat is now empty but we pray that some or all of her loving family will attend church and give their life
to Jesus Christ.

                            The Northern New Home Church
Georgia Back