Today is June 2, 2001, it makes two months now since you have passed away.  With a sad and broken heart
I will try to write the obituary of my mommy.  Gladys Johnson Slone was born on May 10, 1935.  She passed
away on April 2, 2001 in Lexington KY.  Her parents were Jay Johnson and Rebecca Short Johnson.  Left to
mourn is her husband, Arthur Slone, and their four daughters: Verla (Delynn) Mullins, Racine (Steven) Hall, Gloria
(Gary) Slone, and Jessica (Michael) Ritchie.  They also had five grandchildren: David (Robin) Gooslin, Michael
(Melissa) Mullins, Travis (Cassie) Sizemore, Karla Jacobs, and Gary Brent Slone.  In addition to having
grandchildren they had two very special great-granddaughters: Mercedes Gooslin, and Madelynn Mullins.  She is
also survived by on brother: Kenneth Johnson, four sisters: Anna Lee Smith, Oudia Slone, Pauline Slone, and
Edna Gibson.  Mommy was a very religious person, she gave her life to the Lord and prayed everyday.  Her and
daddy joined New Bethlehem Church at Talcum KY a long time ago.  She went every month up until she was not
able to go even then she would find the strength to go.  It still hurts so badly as the day you were called home by
Jesus.  I really do miss you more than you will ever know.  I told you everything no matter how bad or good it
was.  Sometimes I could not wait to get home to call you so I would call from work or on my cell phone.  Like the
day Karla got her permit, I wanted to let her call you on my cell phone and she did, before Gary and I dropped
her off at school.  She was so excited she said let’s call mama and tell her I passed my permit test.  I remember
how I could call you and you would always know how Verla, Racine and Jessie were doing.  You were like a
fountain of information.  I don’t know how you made time to call your children, grandchildren, and all your sisters.  
You really done a big job but none of us knew that until now.  You were a person I could only dream about being
like.  I remember all the times you would tell me that Jessie would call you and let you know she was home no
matter if it was 1:00 in the morning.  You never said anything to her but you would say that she could have
waited until morning to call.  I never knew how much you worried about all of us until now.  Because all I do now
is sit and worry.  Daddy told us that you died just exactly the way you wanted to.  I would truly not trade the time
we all spent with you down in Lexington for nothing in the world.  We are trying our best to stay close as a family
like you would have wanted us to.  I go over to Daddy’s when I can and cook for him and of course Jessie i there
to get in on the meal.  We are taking care of Jessie like you would have wanted us to since she is the baby.  
Daddy misses you so much and our home feels so empty but we are trying to go over there as much as we can.  
David misses you so much.  You were just like a mommy to him, and poor little Mercedes don’t know what to do
she misses playing old maid with you.  Travis wanted so much for you to see his first born child but you will.  We
all will tell it about its Mama Pete.  Verla talks about how much she would miss you not having time with Michael’s
baby, Madelynn.  Racine misses you too just like we all do.  You were a great person to all those who knew you
and a very sweet and loving mommy.  There is not a day goes by that each of us don’t think of you.  We know
that you are in a better place and hopefully someday we all can be united again in Heaven and walk down the
streets of gold together.  Until then, Mommy, you will always be in our hearts as long as we live.
Written by: Gloria Slone & Jessica Ritchie.

My Angel

                                                    As I look the Heavens
                                                    Piercing through a cloud
                                                    Sometimes I think I see you
                                                    Laughing there out loud

                                                    I know it’s a dream
                                                    But it helps to get me through
                                                    Nothing seems the same
                                                    Since I said goodbye to you

                                                    I know that you are happy
                                                    And watching over me
                                                    From the pain and sadness
                                                    You have been set free

                                                    In my heart I have an album
                                                    Especially of you
                                                    With pictures and memories
                                                    And times shared by two

                                                    You’ve always been my angel
                                                    Now you have your wings
                                                    Walking through the heavens
                                                    Where the choir of Angels sing

                                                    As I walk along the road
                                                    That life brings each day
                                                    I know that you are with me
                                                    In each and every way

                                                    With all that you have taught me
                                                    Stored within my heart
                                                    You’re so in my memories
                                                    We’ll never be apart

                                                    You’ve always been my angel
                                                    Now you have your wings
                                                    Walking through heavens
                                                    Where the choir Angels sing

                            Written by: Jessica Ritchie
Gladys Johnson Slone