Goldie Watts was born into the home of William and Lucinda Watts on June 29, 1917.  Later in life she met,
loved and married Squire Watts, Jr.  To this union was born six children, two sons and four daughters.  Slleen
Watts Eldridge, Lullie Watts Ford, Clarence, Rural, Georgie and Faye Watts.  Her husband, Squire, passed
away on October, 1970, and her daughter, Lullie, passed away in October, 1984.

    She was a member of the Cedar Grove Old Regular Baptist Church from July, 1958 until the time of her
passing.  She had a great love for her church and always filled her seat there as long as she was able to go.  
Her love and faith in God helped her through many hard times.  The life she led was a light and lesson for us all.  
She worked hard and enjoyed her work until her health failed her.  She spent the last four and one-half years of
her life in a coma after suffering a brain hemorrhage and stroke.  She never opened her eyes nor spoke again,
but her presence was felt and made known by all the little noises and sounds she made.

    On January 25, 2001, in the Whitesburg Hospital, the Lord saw she had suffered enough and quietly called
her home.  He couldn’t have picked a more lovely rose for his beautiful flower garden.  She can walk, talk and
smile her sweet smile there in Heaven with all the other family and dear friends that went on before her.  We
miss her so much!  Our home is so lonely without her.

    Other than her children, she is sadly missed by six grandchildren, eight great grandchildren, two great-great
grandchildren and one brother, Spencer Watts.  Our hope is to join her and all our loved ones with Jesus
someday when our lives on earth is ended.

                            Written by her Daughter, Faye.
Goldie Watts