As I sit here so lonesome thinking of my dear brother, Kelly Combs.  He was such a good man.  He loved
everybody.  I just can’t tell every good thing about his life.  I never heard him say anything bad or wrong about
anyone.  He called me Sis.  He talked about Jesus.  He loved the Regular Baptist Church.  He was good to the
others, but the Regular Baptist was his home.  When he was praying, he would come to my kitchen early in the
morning.  He knew God had forgiven me and I had been praying for him.  He joined the New Home Church.  
That was where I had my fellowship.

     Kelly was 91 years old when God called him home from his pain and sorrow.  He was the son of Green
Combs and Sissy Stamper Combs.  He left four sons: French, Orville, Walter and Robert, three daughters;
Shirley, Judy and Edith.  He leaves one sister, Grace Mosley as well.

     Sleep on brother, I believe I’ll meet you in a better world where we’ll part no more.

                             Written by his sister, Grace Mosley
Kelly Combs