Sister Lula Mae was born on January 31, 1954 at Shingle Branch, KY into the family of Thelen and Eunice
Amburgey.   Sister Lula was called to her Heavenly home on Tuesday, June 12, 2001, making her stay on earth
47 years, 4 months, and 12 days.  She leaves to mourn her passing her loving mother, Eunice Amburgey and
stepfather, Randall Fields and her 3 beautiful children: Shawn Edward Sexton, Jessica Mae Sexton, and Robbie
Dean Sexton.  She also leaves to mourn one daughter-in-law, Luna Sexton, one grandson whom she loved
dearly, Tyler Sexton, and one granddaughter, Stephanie Sexton.  Sister Lula leaves behind three sisters: Debbie
Sexton, Darlene Ritchie, and Kimberly Jacobs and two brothers-in-law: Lonnie Sexton an Manuel Ritchie.  She
has 6 nieces and nephews: Tonya, Tina, Tara, Jeremy, Angie, and Dustin, and 4 great nieces and nephews:
Kyle, Christina, Joseph, and Amanda Kay.  She is preceded in death by her loving daddy, Thelen, and a niece
whom she loved dearly, Mandy Jo Amburgey.

    Sister Lula didn’t have a lot of earthy treasures.  But about 10 years ago, when she accepted Jesus as her
Lord and Savior, she became one of the richest women in the world.

    Sister Lula was sick most of her life.  The past 5 years, she was confined to a wheel chair.  Her dear mother
saw to all her needs.  There wasn’t a day that went by that Lula didn’t call her mother to say good morning and I
love you or good night and I love you.

    Lula loved pretty flowers, so her daughter, Jessie, and her sister, Darlene, planted her some pretty flowers
she could see from her window.  She said, “Now I have something pretty to look at.”  But what beautiful flowers
she is looking at now.

    Lula enjoyed watching her grandson, Tyler, get off the school bus and running to give the pictures he had
made at school.

    Jessie, her daughter, lived with her and seen that Lula wasn’t left alone.

    Lula loved to see Shawn walk through her door.  He could always put a smile on his mother’s face.

    Robbie would set up at night with Lula and talk to his mother and confide in her and ask her advice on
different situations.  Lula was her children’s best friend.

    Luna, her daughter-in-law, would wait on her hand and foot, cook the meals when she wasn’t able to.  Luna
would change her bedclothes and do the laundry.  Thank you, Luna for all the things you did for our sister.

    Many nights she would call on Brother Lonnie and Sister Deb to ask for singing and prayer.  She believed in
prayer for healing.

    The cookouts and family gatherings meant so much to Lula, she loved having her family to gather in.  So
much joy was given to her on Mother’s Day when she had her cookout for her children.

    At the hospital, she loved to be rolled out in the fresh air and sunshine, even though she had the pain.  One
day, Danny Amburgey came by and Lula said, “I’m not ashamed of my Lord.”  With many people standing by,
Danny held prayer and Lula praised her Lord.

    Her sister, Debbie, would spend the days and nights with her at the hospital.  They had special moments in
laughter and pain.

    Her mother, Eunice, came and stayed all that she could, comforting and loving her.  Lula said, “I love Mommy’
s little hands.  She could always soothe the pain with her hands on my head.”

    Tuesday, June 12, 2001 was her last day on earth.  During her pain, she raised her little hands up and
looked toward Jesus with tears in her eyes, saying, “Jesus, you know I’ve suffered so much.  Please take this
pain away.”  Sweet Jesus took over then and there was no more pain, no more smothering.  Lula received
sweet release.  Jesus is always right on time.  She never knew she was dying.

    Eunice held her and said, “Lula, I love you and try to hold on.”   With her eyes half opened, she said, “I love
you too, Mommy.”  Deb said, “I love you, Sissy”, and Lula said, “I love you, too.”  The Lord took her home.  He
answered her prayer and she is not in the wheel chair anymore.  “Thank you, Sweet Jesus, for being so

    To the family that does not know the Lord, please turn to Him so we all can be in Heaven together and never
to part again.

    We want to thank Randall, our stepfather, for all the trips to Lexington, for helping Lula fix her house more
comfortable.  You have shown your love to all of us.  Make ready to go with us to meet her again.

“Mommy Can’t You See”

                                                    Mommy, can’t you see,
                                                    That angel band?
                                                    Mommy, who’s that man, taking me
                                                    By the hand.
                                                    His hair is like wool,
                                                    As white as snow.
                                                    Why, Mommy it’s Jesus
                                                    And I have to go.
                                                    His eyes are as a flame of fire,
                                                    Mommy, you ought to see him,
                                                    In his full attire.
                                                    There’s a golden girlde,
                                                    Upon his breast.
                                                    Oh Mommy, it’s going to be
                                                    Such a peaceful rest.
                                                    Mommy, he’s clothed in a
                                                    Long white robe,
                                                    His feet are as brass, as if in a
                                                    Furnace they glowed.
                                                    His voice as many waters,
                                                    Yet so sweet,
                                                    His countenance, as the Sun, as I
                                                    Kneel at his feet.
                                                    He’s saying, child,
                                                    I’ve come to take you home,
                                                    Mommy, you ought to see the
                                                    Cloud, I’m getting on.
                                                    In my view is Heaven’s shore,
                                                    Now Mommy, I’m alive,
                                                    And alive for evermore.
                                                    The gates of pearl are open wide,
                                                    I see the streets of Gold,
                                                    As I step inside.
                                                    Mommy, tell my children
                                                    And my sisters too,
                                                    That I’m waiting in heaven,
                                                    For them and for you.
                                                    Mommy, can’t you see
                                                    That angel band?
                                                    Mommy, who’s this man,
                                                    Taking me by the hand?
                                                    His hair is like wool,
                                                    As white as snow,
                                                    Why Mommy, it’s Jesus,
                                                    And I’m ready to go.

                                                    Written by, Bordis Slone
Lula Mae Amburgey Sexton