It is with a sad and aching heart that we try to write an obituary of our beloved brother and sister.  Shirley
was born on March 29, 1939 and died on March 11, 2001 making her stay here 61 years, 11 months, and 14
days.  Roger was born on October 27, 1942 and died on November 27, 1997 making his stay here 55 years and
one month.

    They both left many friends and loved ones here to mourn their leaving.  We miss them both dearly, but God
wanted them both and we feel that they are resting in peace and smiling down on us.  We can feel their
presence everywhere as though they were still with us.  We know we’ll meet them someday.  Our family feels
we have two sweet angels in Heaven.

                            Written by their mother Nona Ratliff, and sisters:
                            Lorraine Stiltner, Ruby Epling, and Alene Blackburn

How blessed is the tie that binds
                                            Our hearts in lasting love
                                            The Comradeship of Kindred minds
                                            Is like to that above
                                            So when at last we have to part
                                            In Sorrow and Pain
                                            We known we still are joined in Heart
                                            Until we meet again.

                            We love you little brother and sister.
Roger Lee Farmer
Shirley Jean Duty