It is with deep sorrow, many memories and the help of God, I will write an obituary of our brother, Sherman
P. Deel.

     Sherman was born in Buchanan County, December 18, 1950, son of Marcus and Vernie Conn Deel.  The
Lord called him home on May 26, 1995. (He was 44 years old,)

     Sherman had went to Duke University Medical Center in Durham, N.C. for a liver transplant.  He was there
about four weeks when they called and said they had found a donor.  We all were so happy thinking everything
would be okay once he got his new liver, little did we know that wasn’t God’s plan.  His plan was for a new
body.  It broke all our hearts to lose him and we have asked God why?  God had a reason and I think God didn’
t want him to suffer long.  We thank God he didn’t have to suffer long.

     He is survived by his wife, Ruth Deel, four stepchildren, Arlene, Janie, Ralph and Darrell, three brothers,
Lonnie, Ralph and Russell, and six sisters, Janice, Pauline, Maxine, Patsy, Mavis and Rose Marie.

     Sherman was a good Christian man, he loved God and his family.  He was a great inspiration to us all by the
way he lived his life.  It has been a comfort to us knowing he was ready when God called him home and gave
him a new body.  Sherman was a good son.  He never gave dad and mom any trouble.  He was always trying to
help them out by doing little things for them and always checking to see if they were okay.  His nieces and
nephews loved him, they called him their Uncle Sherm-bo.  He always found time to play with them and give
them candy and money, they all have found memories of him.

     I know his prayer was for all his family to accept God as their savior and have the peace, joy and love in our
hearts for God like he did.  It has been a comfort knowing he is with Jesus and is spending time with mom and
dad.  We that have accepted Christ will see him again, the ones that haven’t I pray you will, so you can spend
eternity with Sherman.

     Words cannot express how special Sherman was to his family, we still grieve for him, but we realize how
blessed we were to have him for our brother.  Thank you God for his life and the memories we have of him.

                             Written by: Pauline and Janice
Sherman P Deel