Travis Joel Slone, 21 years of age, was born on February 2, 1980 in Pikeville, KY.  He was the son of J.C.
and Etta Mae Slone Holland and Burton Slone.

    He departed from this life on February 23, 2001 at U.K. hospital in Lexington KY.

    He was preceded in death by grandparents; Elder James Albert Slone, Kennel Slone, and Myrtle Handshoe,
Flem Holland and Louli Holland.

    Left to mourn for Travis are 4 sisters, Lea Etta Weimann, Teresa Forrest, Jenny Gibson, Teresa Gibson,
one brother, Burnes Wayne Holland, grandparent, Cynthia D. Slone, and a host of nieces, nephews, aunts,
uncles, cousins, and friends.  To everyone he was a friend.

    Travis was the light and joy of our family.  He was special to us in several ways.  I feel that God spared us
Travis  after his accident.  The prayers and the mercy of God let us keep our shining light.  He was a light to
anyone he was around.  He truly loved little children and they loved him.

    Travis enjoyed singing and going to church.  Although he would move from seat to seat during church he
would say afterwards, “We sure did have a good meeting.”  When Travis wasn’t at church he would have family
members sing songs for him.  Oh, how he loved to help them sing.  His favorite song was “I’m Going To Die On
The Battlefield.”

    Sing on Travis, you’re with that Great Angel Band.  Travis, we’ll all miss you, but I’ll never forget your
morning flight home.  Although you passed away at U.K. hospital on February 23, 2001, you were in the arms of
Jesus.  I know our loss is Heaven’s gain.  Now our little light is gone, but memories will always be with us.

    We love you Travis, and you will always be in our hearts.  Sleep on baby, for you’re resting in the arms of
Jesus.  Where you’ll never suffer any more.  We Love You Trav!

                            Written by your loving cousin and friend, Wanda Smallwood.

    Travis we all have great memories and things that we would like to say, but Mother had a poem that she
wrote just for you.

“My Precious Grandson”
                                                    Travis, you have always been my precious child.
                                                    You have been my life; you have been my joy and pride.
                                                    It’s been hard to say good-bye.
                                                    But God has taken you above to be with Pa, the one you love.
                                                    I will always hold you in my heart.
                                                    Precious memories I will never let go.
                                                    Because I love you so.
                                                    You have became my bright morning star.
                                                    I hope how soon the day will come;
                                                    I can be with you and Pa up there.
                                                            Grandmother, Cynthia Stone

                                                    In Loving Memories of Travis Slone

    Travis, I miss and love you so much.  But I know God needed you so much more.  So I have to say good-
bye for now.  But one day with God’s help we will meet again.  So until that time, this is my way to say good-
bye to you.  The Lord saw you getting tired and a cure was not to be.  So He put His arms around you and
whispered come with me, with tearful eyes I watched you suffer and fade away.  All though I loved you dearly, I
could not make y stay.  A golden heart stopped beating.  A beautiful smile at rest.  God broke my heart to
prove He only takes the best.  It is lonesome here without you.  I miss you so each day, since you went away.  
When days are sad and lonely, and everything goes wrong, I seem to hear you whisper, “Sheer up and carry
on.”  Each time I see your picture you seem to smile and say, “Don’t cry Sis, I’m in God’s care.”  We will meet
again someday.

                            Written by your loving sister and friend
                            Lea Etta (Slone) Wiemann
Travis Joel Slone