The old homeplace is dark and cold and quiet.  It once rang with voices and laughter and gladness.  It is so
lonely today.  The fields are all grown up.  The tools sit idle.  Those that laughed and played and frolicked just a
few short years ago have come to the evening tide already.  Another one has come home to rest.

    Varge Cornett passed from this life on Monday, May 7, 2001 in Huntsville, Alabama.  He was born the first of
12 children to Arch and Artie Back Cornett on June 12, 1914 and lived 86 years, 10 months and 25 days.

    As a young man Varge loved and married Coralie Duff on June 18, 1942.  God blessed this union with a
daughter, Linda Susan.  She has been their pride and joy.

    In addition to his wife and daughter, he is survived by two grandchildren: Artis Susan Cornett Selby and
Bayard Roland Cornett Selby both of Boulder, Colorado.  He is also survived by 2 sisters: Eunice Bates of
Blackey, Kentucky and Mildred Strunk of Somerset, Kentucky and 4 brothers: Lilly Blaine of Falmouth, Kentucky,
Clell of Louisville, Kentucky, Darrel Dean of Arab, Alabama, and Elwood of Blackey, Kentucky.

    He was preceded in death by 1 sister, Avis Stewart; and 4 brothers; Verlon, Emil, Vance, and Cleo.

    Several years ago Varge joined and was baptized into the Westlawn Baptist Church of Huntsville, Alabama.

    After high school and a few months work, he enrolled in Caney College.  His picture was among a few that
Alice Lloyd placed over her desk.  She was so proud of him.  She sent him to the University of Kentucky where
he earned a degree in mechanical engineering.

Varge’s career was rich and rewarding.  During World War II he worked on the design and testing of military
aircraft engines.  He worked in Oak Ridge, Tennessee on nuclear weapons development.  He worked in Idaho
on nuclear aircraft propulsion.  He worked in Huntsville, Alabama for the National Aeronautics and Space
Administration on the Saturn Five moon rocket.

    Varge set a standard for his family for getting an education and achieving one’s potential.

    Varge watched and enjoyed his family’s follies but he always maintained the role of an oldest brother and
father.  He was a pilot and nothing pleased him more than taking family, friends and strangers for a ride in his
Cessna airplane.

    He was a sportsman, a counselor and a neighbor.

    He loved his people and his homeland.

    Linda, Artis and Bayard gave him great joy.  He proudly told of their accomplishments and activities.

    He loved “Ki” and Carolyn, as many called his wife, truly took her marriage vows to heart.  She loved and
cherished and held him until parted by death.

    God has again dressed these mountains in living green of every shade, but our hope is in a land where
flowers bloom forever.  The Rose of Sharon is there.  The Lilly of the Valley is there.  And now another flower
from this large generation has been transplanted to a land of wondrous beauty.  There it will flourish around the
Alter of God, beneath the smiling face of Jesus our King.

 O, weep not for me, I am anxious to go
                                                    To that haven of rest where tears never flow.
Varge Cornett