Andy Kiser, Jr. of Beaver, Kentucky passed away April 23, 2003, at Highlands Regional Hospital in
Prestonsburg, Kentucky.  He was informed eight days earlier that he had lung cancer and a brain tumor.  He
said he wanted no treatment and that the Lord had been so good to him, to let him live 77 years.  He said, “If I
lay down tonight and meet my Master, I’m ready to go.”  Dad was born on February 4, 1926, at Teaberry,
Kentucky, making his stay here on earth 77 years, 2 months and 19 days.  Dad was the son of the late Andy
Kiser and Huldy Hamilton Kiser.  Dad was a very handsome young man who at the age of 21 met and fell in love
with the love of his life, our mother, Margie Tackett Kiser.  They were married 5 months later on March 29,
1948. The Lord blessed them with 55 years and 25 days of a wonderful life together.  They had four children, 3
sons, Daylio (Patty) Kiser of Howe, Indiana, Andy Jay (Cathy) Kiser of Bronson, Michigan, Zachary Kiser of
Teaberry, Kentucky and one daughter, Angela Jeffrey Brown of Beaver, Kentucky.  They were blessed with
nine grandchildren.  One beautiful little grandson, Brent Alan Kiser, preceded him in death.  Little Brent now has
a papaw in heaven with him.  We know that they are happy together.  They also have 4 great grandsons.  Dad
had four brothers who preceded him in death, Troy, Arlie, Cecil and Palmer.  Surviving are two brothers, Elder
Leonard Kiser of Bypro, Kentucky, and Vernon (Bob) Kiser of Mango, Indiana, and three sisters, Alma Doris
Newsome of Beaver, Kentucky, Arizona Blankenship of LaGrange, Indiana, and Alpha Blankenship of Hudson,

   Dad was a retired coal miner and also a factory worker for nine years in Michigan.  Dad said the Lord had
forgiven him and he gave his hand to the Zion Old Regular Baptist Church on October 25, 1964, and was
baptized by Brother Butler Howell and Brother Auther Hamilton.  Dad lived his life for our Lord for 38 years
being a deacon for the last 12 years, serving his post well.  He was blessed with a wonderful gift of singing.  I
remember when young brothers in the church would come to our home so Dad would help them learn the tune
of their favorite songs.  He loved helping them.  Dad was a faithful member of the Little Rosa Regular Baptist
Church at McDowell, Kentucky.  He loved his brothers and sisters in the Lord and would do anything he could to
help them.  Dad and Mom spent many hours traveling together to church and to visit the sick and elderly.  
Sometimes they would be gone into the night and I would worry and tell them they didn’t know when to come
home.  Now that my husband, Jeff, and I are Christians, I understand that they were doing God’s work.  I thank
God that we got to travel with them for a few short years.  Dad loved to sit around with his children and
grandchildren and tell us tales of his youth and how he was raised.  He loved to talk about old times and his
many friends.  He told us how his father, Andy Kiser, was an Old Regular Baptist preacher and would walk
many miles to church.  Dad was a wonderful, kind and loving man who loved everyone and he lived an honest
and humble life.  If only this world had more men like you wer, it would be a much better place to live in.  You
were a brave soldier, Dad, you kept the faith and as one of your favorite songs says, “You died on the battle
field, fighting for our Lord.”  You gave us wonderful memories that will last forever, and, to my brothers, let’s all
live for Jesus so we can all be together in Heaven someday, where the best is yet to be.  So, sleep on my love,
and wait for his appointed time of resurrection, when all God’s children will be together forever and ever.

Written by your loving Wife, Margie and Daughter, Angela
Andy Kiser Jr