Our parents, Astor and Thelma Fields, have left this earthly home; they resided at 280 Astor Fields Road on Big
Cowan.  Our Dad passed away on December 18, 1999, he was sixty-seven years old.  He was the son of
Foster and Mary Jane Fields of Big Cowan.  Mom was the daughter of Henry and Martha Church Niece of
Letcher County, she was seventy-one and passed away on August 7, 2003.  Mom and Dad both were the
youngest and last surviving members of their immediate family.  They were born in Letcher County and led a very
simple life with a few basic rules of life.  These were:  Don’t talk bad about people, treat others as you want to
be treated, don’t pretend about who you are-be who you are, and don’t live beyond your means and pay your

   Dad was a coal miner in the smaller mines many years ago and Mom always seemed to make thins stretch.  
Now as parents, we all four marvel at how in the world they managed with what they had and still set an extra
plate or bed when needed.  Mom never complained or talked about what she needed, she would say, “I have
what the good Lord intends and that is enough for me.”  Mom was a member of the Big Cowan Old Regular
Baptist Church where she loved attending the meeting and joining with her friends in worshipping the Lord.

   The four of us (Astor Fields, Jr., Terry Mark Fields, Henrietta Fields-Banks, and Brenda Fields-Mullins) have a
sadness that just won’t go away.  Losing Dad was hard, but we did not realize the foundation that our mother
was during that loss, until we lost her too, and had to assume the total heartbreak at her going.  During Dad’s
passing she buffered that hurt even though her heartache had to have been enormous.  Losing both gave us a
small insight into how much we counted on her comfort and counsel and just knowing she was there.  Each of us
witnessed her strength and faith for almost four years, never seeing it falter or weaken even during the most
difficult times.  Her faith in the lord was with her even on her final day, spending thirty days in the Whitesburg
Hospital, did we ever hear her say, “why me?”  We may have wondered it and even said it, but not Mom.  She
had an inner and eternal knowledge of what was happening and her faith and trust in the Lord seemed to grow,
as things got harder.  Our memory of her is filled with love and hope that we can be at least as half of a good
person that she was that is a promise the Lord gives to us.  All we have to do is honor our part here on earth,
the Lord’s promise is eternal and never changing.   Our legacy to our parents is to honor their wishes and to
forever keep their memory alive throughout the up coming generations and hoping that with the help of the Lord
they will know that their four children, eight grand-children and ten great-grandchildren who loves them beyond
measure and their memory shall never fade but grow stronger wit each new addition to the family.
Astor & Thelma Fields