With the help of the good Lord, I will write a little about our son, Barry Keith Deel.  He was born on January
18, 1958.  His older brother, Steven Gene Deel, precedes him in death.  Barry and Steven were very close in
age and also in every other way.  Steve was already sick when Barry had his first car accident in 1988.  He
prayed so hard, as we all did, for Barry to get better.  The Lord answered our prayers when he woke up from a
coma after 23 days on life support.  He had to learn everything all over again just like a newborn baby.  He
stayed in Roanoke Hospital for two months, then was transferred to Health South, a rehabilitation center in
Princeton, West Virginia, where he learned to walk and talk all over again.  Good didn’t allow complete
restoration to Barry, but this wasn’t our choice to make.  It was all in God’s plan and not ours.  For we knew
God’s ways are not our ways, but we accept his will.  Barry was injured in another car wreck on Sunday
evening, and once again it was a severe brain injury, but much to our dismay, this time he could not get better.  
Thankfully this time he was ready to go.  His whole heart’s desire was to go home with Jesus, and all the
Apostles whom he called his brothers.  He talked abut them as if he knew them personally.  I feel that he did
have a personal relationship with Jesus.  He told me so many times that he could almost feel Jesus’ arms
wrapped around him and how he just wanted to go home with Him, but Jesus would always say, “Barry, it’s not
your time yet!”  Two sisters, Pam Deel Cantrell and Amanda Deel Coleman, survive Barry.  Four nieces,
Kimberly, Jessica, Sarah, and Emily, two nephews, Jeffrey and Steven, and also several aunts, uncles and
cousins survive Barry as well.  We will miss him so very much, but we realize that we all must keep the
appointment that Barry has already met.  So we keep this hope alive in our hearts, that someday soon we will
see him again in that beautiful home called Heaven that Jesus went away to prepare for all his children who love
him and keep his commandments.  Barry has just passed from this veil of tears to life everlasting.  Someday
soon we will join him, never to be separated again.
Barry Keith Deel