Cinda and Anzil were married December 19, 1931.  They were the lovin parents of Louise Thomas of New
Point, indiana, Lelah Faye Williams of  Richmond, Indiana and one deceased daughter, Rosalee Ison.  They
have five grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren.  Cinda was a member of
the Mount Olivet Church.  Whe was the daughter of Greenberry and Ida Combs of Jackson, Kentucky.  A
brother, Pedro Bombs, of Gilmore, Kentucky, survives Cinda.  She has two deceased sisters, Lizzie Combs and
Parrot Neice, and six deceased brothers, Henry, Madro, Boone, Isachar, Rhudell and Bert Combs.  Anzil was
survived by two sisters, Madge Sergent and Oma Bates, and three brothers, Edgar, Coy and komos Ison.  He
has two deceased sisters, Opal Ison and Avie Taylor, and one deceased brother, Manus Ison.  Cinda and Anzid
resided in Whitco, Kentucky.  They were the owners of Ison Radio and T.V. Repair.  Cinda and Anzil are
loviingly remembered and sadly missed by their friends and family.  They will never be forgotten
Cinda Combs Ison Anzil Ison