It is with sadness I try to write an obituary of my father, Joseph F. Deel.  I ask the Lord’s help...

   Dad was born January 22, 1923, to Emory Floyd Deel and Nancy Jane Deel.  The Lord took him on August
25, 2002.  He was 79 years, 7 months and 3 days old.  He was one of nine children, Robert, Emory, George
Deel and Rosa Ramey, that are living and David, Elmer, Earl Deel and Ocie Hill, which are now deceased.

   Dad married Minnie Deel on August 10, 1946.  They had six children, three boys and three girls; Jim, Ronnie
and Gallie are the boys; Joan Coleman, Pat Compton and Marcella O’Quinn are the girls.  Pat passed away in
April, 1997.  He also leaves to mourn his grandchildren, Renita Thacker, Bryan Compton, Carmie Deel, Shana O’
Quinn, Ginger Gurel, Nathan Coleman, Savannah O’Quinn and Matthew Deel.  He has four great-grandchildren,
Roseanna, Jessica, Alan Cole Thacker and Patrick Lee Compton.

   I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful person my father was.  He tried to teach us what was right, he
always told us to “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them To Do Unto You.”  He taught us against
selfishness, he always put everyone before he did himself, even when he prayed, he’d pray for everyone else
first, then he’d ask God so humbly to remember him.

   He was a hard working man.  He enjoyed his cattle as a pass time.  He was an humble Christian and loved
the Lord with all his heart, soul, mind and strength.  He was o the Old Regular Baptist fait for 51 years.  He was
a faithful member of the Russell Prater Church.  He enjoyed visiting the Little David Church with me for as long
as he was able.

   He was a very patient man in his illness, he had no speech but when he prayed I could feel it.  I have never
known of him losing his temper or saying a harsh or hurtful word to anyone.  He set a good example and let his
light shine for all to see.

   He was a veteran of World War II.  He worked in the mines as long as he was able.  He had black lung, bone
marrow cancer-stage II and he had strokes.  I tried my very best to help him in his pain in every way I could.

   As a child, age 10, I took the Rheumatic Fever and would wake up in the night, sick.  He and mom would
wrap me up in a blanket and stir up the fire, Dad would lay his hands on me and pray for me and I’d be alright.  
He taught us faith.  I can’t thank God enough for a father like this.  He seemed so soft spoken but could say so
much in just a few words.  I’m glad we could have him for a while.

   The night when he passed away, I told him I hope to meet him over there where there’ll be no more pain,
sorrow or heartaches.  He had prepared for that land I feel he so deservingly received.

   In our youth, he taught us, among many things, Repentance and Forgiveness, John 3:16, “The Golden Rule,”
and “The Ten Commandments.” Sleep on Dad...

I love you and miss you.

           Written by his daughter, Joan Coleman “Sis”
Elder Joseph F Deel