All is quiet and still in the small brick house beside of the road in Isom.  Yet, the memories of many years of
living and loving are still alive in the minds and hearts of family and friends.  Childhood memories of growing up on
Madden Fork of Irishman cause tears and laughter as Emma and Hager’s “girls” re-live the past days and years.  
The passing of the mother of the Madden family has left a great void in our lives.  Emma’s place was the center
of the neighborhood and she loved to see company come to visit.  Good food, godly conversation and a feeling of
love and belonging could always be found in Emma’s home.

   Emma passed away on Friday, August 29, 2003 at the Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Health Care Center.  
She was born on February 6, 1910, being 93 years, 6 months and 24 days of age at the time of her passing.  
Emma was the widow of Samuel Hager Madden and the daughter of the late William and Cordelia Smith Ritchie.  
She is survived by three daughters, Oline Mullins, Josephine Holcomb and Marie Reedy, all of Isom; two sins-in-
law, Hoover Holcomb and Gillis Reedy; four grandchildren, Nyle Mullins, Ronnie Holcomb, David A. Mullins, and
Robert Holcomb; five great-grand children, Richard Mullins, Ronald Shane Holcomb, Kristi Jackson, Brandon
Holcomb and Kevin Holcomb; two great-great-grandchildren, Sam Mullins and Dakota Holcomb; along with a host
of other relatives and friends to mourn her passing.  Emma was preceded in death by five sisters, Larcena
Moore, Vauda Terry, Fronia Madden, Della Stone and Nettie Fannin, and a son-in-law, Gail B. Mullins.

   Emma joined the Little Bethlehem Church on the second Sunday in April 1950.  She was baptized on the
second Sunday in May by Elders Steve Pratt and Dan Noble.  She later joined the New Home Church by letter.  
On the third Saturday in November, 1965, she joined the Blair Branch Church by letter from the New Home
Church.  Sister Emma was a member of the Blair Branch Church for thirty-seven years and nine months.  She
lover her church and was a faithful member.  She is greatly missed by her brothers and sisters of the Blair Branch

   Emma was a quiet, meek person.  She loved her family and they watched over her with tender, loving care.  
Throughout the nights and days, some of the family stayed by her side, making sure that every need was met.  
Emma made a lasting impression on everyone that met her.  Her passing caused much grief and pain but the
hope of an eternity together helps us to endure the storm of sorrow.  The Bible states that “weeping will endure
for a night but there will be joy in the morning.”  Emma has entered into her morning of eternity, the troubles of life
are left behind and the joys of the Lord are a reality for her.

Elder Don Pratt
Emma Madden