Forest Thomas was bon September 8, 1931, to the late R. G. Thomas and Arminda Slone Thomas, and
departed this life on December 29, 2002, after and extended illness.

     On October 26, 1951, he married Bonnie Slone Thomas, and unto this union 7 children were born; 4 sons,
Larry Thomas, Doyle Thomas, Keith Thomas, and Jamie Thomas; 3 daughters, Arminda Mullins, Deborah
Davidson, and Angela Smith; 15 grandchildren; 2 step-grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.

     He was a hard-working man who spent 24 years laboring in the coal mines in order to provided for his family.  
He enjoyed life and truly appreciated all things which God had created.  He had an understanding of nature that
few people take the time to acquire.  He is so deeply missed by friends, relatives and family, but the memories
we have of this most special and unique person, with his gentle smile, soft blue eyes and spirited ways will never
fade.  He will live forever in our hearts.

     Although he was small in statue, he was one of the strongest men we have ever known.  He could be
powerful beyond belief, yet gentle as a feather falling on the skin.  He would want his family to be strong now,
strengthen and love each other, and rejoice in the fact that as much as he loved life here on this earth, he wouldn’t
want to come back.  Those of us who knew him well can just imagine him in Heaven-how excited he must be, and
how excited Heaven must be to have him home.  Dear loved ones – listen with your heart—and you will hear the
sweetest voice of tenor as he sings in Heaven’s choir.

     They say that time will heal the pain, but with each passing day, we miss him more – our lives are forever

     Your heart stopped beating, but our hearts will whisper your name—

Written by his daughter Mindy Mullins

Presented by his family with mournful hearts.
Forest Thomas