It is with a heavy heart I will try to write the obituary of my friend-my brother in the Lord, Brother Gary Kilgore.

   Gary was born to Harley and Clida Collins Kilgore on June 9, 1950 at Garrett, Kentucky.  Gary met and
married Phyllis Griffey on March 31, 1973 and was blessed to have a son, Larry Dwayne on September 10,
1974, He was such a loving and caring husband and father.

   Gary worked at several jobs.  He was a heavy equipment operator – working for different companies until he
decided to become self-employed in his last working years.

   Gary started helping our church, along with Ancil Smith, to get the property ready for the construction of our
new church.

   Arlie and Gary became very good friends.  Arlie always invited him to come to church and for a long time Gary
always had one excuse or another not to come.  The excuse he used the most was that he did not want to go to
church with hypocrites.  So, finally Arlie asked him if he would rather go to church with hypocrites for awhile or live
in hell forever with them.  That got his attention, and he started coming to church.

   In January, 2002, Gary was diagnosed with lung cancer.  He fought the battle hard.  We thought for several
months that he had won the fight.  All during this time he continued to help the church.  He planned and designed
the baptistery in the shape of a cross.  It is so beautiful!   Finally Gary got saved and was baptized by Elder Earl
Slone and Brother Jimmy Conley.  He loved the church family so much!

   Gary was such a blessing to our church.  He witnessed to everyone he could right up to March 11, 2003, when
God opened the gates and let him in.

   Also to mourn his passing, he has 3 brothers, Allen, Jimmy and Harold Dean, a host of nieces, nephews and,
friends and other loved ones and his church family.

   There are so many good things I could tell you about Brother Gary, but of all the things I could tell you, the
most important is that he was saved and is now resting in the arms of Jesus.

Written by his sister in the Lord,
Sarah Jackson
Gary Kilgore