John M. Blair passed away on April 10, 2003 at the Whitesburg Hospital.  John M. was born on September 8,
1926, into the home of the late Bill and Bettie Blair at Jeremiah, Kentucky.  Also born into this home were five
more sons, Frances, L.B., Manon, James Edward, Greenie, and one daughter, Ivy Sue.
   John M. was a veteran of World War II and the Korean War.  He was proud to serve his country.  Thanks to
John M. and others like him, we have our freedom today.  John M. was also a retired coal miner.
   On April 30, 1960, John M. married Mary Helen Blair and to this union two sons, Adrian and Enos, were born.  
Surviving John M. is his wife of 42 years, Mary Helen, along with two sons, Adrian and wife, Stacey, of Letcher,
Kentucky, and Enos and wife, Kyra, of Knights Town, Indiana.  Also surviving are one granddaughter, Rhiannon
Blair; one step-granddaughter, Kodi Adams; and one grandson, Levi Blair.  One brother, Manon, also survives
John M.
   On the second Saturday night in August, 1987, John M. joined the Blair Branch Church at the Tolson Creek
Church.  On the following Sunday at the Blair Branch Church, he was baptized by Bro. Ellis Adams and Bro. I.D.
Back.  He was a good Christian man and will be greatly missed not only by his natural family, but also by his
many brothers and sisters of the Lord.
   John M. loved his family very much.  He especially loved to go fishing with his grandson, Levi.  He loved to joke
and laugh with his family and friends.  He enjoyed life and he let those he loved know that he loved them.
   In the last few years of his life, being a diabetic took a toll on John M.’s body.  He had to have a toe removed
and for quite a while he was unable to get around.  It really got to him, not being able to go to church, but he was
thrilled when his brothers and sisters from the church would stop by for visits.
   I know the family has a lot of precious memories of John M.  Hold those memories close to your heart and they
will help ease the pain of separation.  If you want to see John M. again someday, you will have to seek the same
Lord that he did.
The streets are gold
Just like I was told.
No more aches and pain,
I don’t even need my cane.

My Lord is so wonderful,
I have no needs.
Come and be with me,
That is my plea.

Written by the family
John M Blair
To: Pa that I love

Thank you for coming to this service tonight.  When I was a little boy and lived in the rolling hills of Kentucky, my Pa
was as healthy as an ox.  Then a sorrow time came when I had to move to the corn fields and flat lands of
Indiana.  Then his diabetes started hurting his foot and he lost his big toe on his right foot.  He wasn’t doing well
afterward.  Then recently he died of a massive heart attack.  But there was something special with my Pa, John M.’
s death.  He was talking and fell over dead.  A good related friend said, “How appropriate that he was doing what
he did best, talking.”  I think we shouldn’t let death put us in depression, we should celebrate his life.  My Pa
though was a great man through the eyes of God.  He would run his mouth all the time.  I wish I could have been
around to hear what he had to say.  My Pa also told you how it was.  When you get home tonight, call a friend, call
a cousin, niece, nephew, uncle, aunt, mom or dad and tell them how much you love them, because you never know
what’s going to happen.  Thank you for listening to me and God be with us all.

Love you Pa.
                                           Written by:  Grandson, Levi